The Chelsea Market In New York City

The Place

The Chelsea Market in New York City.

The Story

By far one of the most food dense locations in NYC is the Chelsea Market. It’s a foodies dream. You can step into the Chelsea Market. And your senses are simply assaulted by the fragrances of chocolate, pizza, ice cream, fresh bread and soups.

This year has been a disappointment. I have only been to the Chelsea Market once.

My most favorite attraction in the market is the waterfall. It sits almost a 3rd of the way from the main entrance. And it sits there spitting a jet of water down a well. It would also appear that the waterfall has turned into a wishing well. You will see evidence of pennies, nickles, quarters and dimes.

Call To Action

If you are visiting New York City. I would most certainly make time to visit the Chelsea Market.