Americans are embracing the single life. According to the Pew Research Center, marriage rates in the U.S. are at their lowest since 1920–even with the inclusion of same-sex couples. In 2013, only 50.3% of Americans ages 18 or older were married.

But where are all these single people living? FindTheHome did the research for you.

Using the most recent data from the American Household Survey, we found the states with the highest percentages of “never married” and “divorced” people to come up with the total percentage of singles.

Note that these statistics only include those ages 15 years and up. Within states, the highest concentrations of single people tend to be in larger cities and college towns.

If you’re tired of flying solo at your friends’ weddings, these are the states for you:



Population: 3.97 million
Single: 42.4%

Fun Factor: For the more alternative-minded singles, Portland offers the best of hipster culture. A trip to the famous Columbia River Gorge makes for a great date.


Larry Lamsa, Wikimedia

Population: 5.36 million
Single: 42.5%

Fun Factor: Colorado has plenty of outdoor thrills for adventure-seekers, including world-class skiing, hiking and rock climbing. There’s no shortage of outdoor adventures to take your date on.



Population: 626,562
Single: 42.6%

Fun Factor: Quaint bed and breakfasts abound in the Green Mountain state. Also look out for Vermont’s signature maple syrup tastings.



Population: 11.59 million
Single: 42.8%

Fun Factor: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of Ohio’s top attractions. Take a boat out on Lake Erie for a pleasant afternoon with your date.



Population: 19.89 million
Single: 43.4%

Fun factor: If you’re looking for white-sand beaches and pleasant weather, the Sunshine state is for you. Picnicking on the beach makes for a fun afternoon date.



Population: 9.91 million
Single: 43.5%

Fun factor: This midwestern state borders four of the Great Lakes and contains more than 11,000 inland lakes. The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is a great place to take a first date.



Population: 3.59 million
Single: 43.6%

Fun factor: The small New England state is famous for its spectacular fall foliage and quick access to New York City will satisfy couples looking for a more urban experience.



Population: 935,614
Single: 43.9%

Fun factor: Delaware might be one of the smallest states in the country but it has easy access to D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia.



Population: 12.88 million
Single: 44%

Fun factor: According to Forbes, Chicago is one of the best cities for singles in the country. It’s also a little pricey; Forbes estimates that a mid-priced dinner and a movie for two costs $82.50.



Population: 10.1 million
Single: 44.2%

Fun factor: Cities like Atlanta and Savannah offer great nightlife with a southern charm for you date night.



Population: 5.98 million
Single: 44.2%

Fun factor: Maryland boasts some of the best seafood in the nation and has quick access to cities like New York and Washington, D.C. Take your date to the famous National Aquarium in Baltimore.



Population: 6.73 million
Single: 44.2%

Fun factor: For those seeking dry heat and stunning desert landscapes, the Grand Canyon state delivers. Head to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve with your date for a cactus-filled hike.



Population: 2.99 million
Single: 44.3%

Fun Factor: From its mangrove swamps to hilly plains, Mississippi offers a true slice of the Deep South. Hit up some of Jackson’s barbecue joints for a taste of southern BBQ.



Population: 736,732
Single: 44.8%

Fun factor: Northern lights, rugged wilderness, immense glaciers—Alaska is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Adventurous couples should try kayaking through Alaska’s famous ice fjords.



Population: 6.75 million
Single: 45.1%

Fun factor: This New England state has miles of pristine coastline and historical landmarks. Take your date to Boston’s waterfront for a fun evening.



Population: 2.84 million
Single: 45.4%

Fun factor: Las Vegas is a flashy mecca for entertainment seekers, with plenty of nightlife opportunities. Try your luck at one of the lower-tier casinos before you lose your savings at the expensive ones.



Population: 38.8 million
Single: 45.6%

Fun factor: By absolute numbers, California has the most singles in the U.S. and offers everything from sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains for your date.



Population: 4.65 million
Single: 45.7%

Fun factor: The French Quarter of New Orleans is famous for its colonial-era architecture. The rowdy Mardi Gras festival also makes for a great date.

New Mexico


Population: 2,09 million
Single: 45.8%

Fun factor: The southwest state offers a blend of stark desert and rugged alpine peaks. Take a trip to Sante Fe’s renowned crafts fair for fun date.

New York


Population: 19.75 million
Single: 46.1%

Fun factor: New York City has one of the densest single populations in the country, although it isn’t the cheapest place for a date night. For those who want to splurge, seeing a Broadway show makes for a memorable evening.

Rhode Island


Population: 1.06 million
Single: 46.4%

Fun factor: The smallest state takes the top spot for highest percentages of singles, largely due to its high concentration of colleges. Take advantage of the beautiful harbors and bring your date sailing.