When it comes to travel in Sydney, one of the most exciting aspects of your trip will be the amazing foods and restaurants on offer. Whether you want high-end dining with dishes created by celebrated chefs or quality late-night snack food from hole-in-the-wall establishments, the quality is generally extremely high, and the mix of cultures and backgrounds that make up Sydney’s thriving population make for some truly exciting culinary experiences.

If you’re the type of traveller who likes to explore with your taste buds, get your travel insurance booked and get on a plane down under—the Sydney food scene awaits!

Asian Cuisine

If you love anything eaten with chopsticks then Sydney’s Chinatown is the first place you should head. Positively lousy with authentic Asian restaurants serving fare from all over the continent, you’ll be spoiled for choice. For your typical Chinese experience we’d highly recommend Yum Cha, a Chinese brunch-style meal that consists of wait-staff wheeling around trays full of goodies and patrons selecting anything that takes their fancy. For something a little left of centre, try Uighur cuisine, something a couple of restaurants in Chinatown do exceptionally well.

What is Uighur cuisine, you might ask? It’s food from the people of the Uighur culture, people living in Central Asia between Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Uighur cuisine is the purest form of ‘fusion’ you can experience, combining elements of oriental, eastern European and Middle Eastern cuisine to create a truly remarkable dining experience. There are also the requisite Korean barbecues, hotpot restaurants, cheap-as-chips food courts and quality Thai places scattered around Chinatown, so if you’re hungry for some Asian food, this is definitely your paradise.

Fine Dining

If you’re looking to spoil yourself a little bit, Sydney definitely isn’t short on high-end options. All over the city there are restaurants that constantly win the praise of critics and patrons from all over the world, so whether you’re dining harbourside at Quay and sampling the famous ‘snow egg’ dessert or letting world class chef Tetsuya Wakuda serve up a degustation experience at the prestigious inner-city restaurant Tetsuya’s, you will be blown away by the skill of the chefs and the quality of the ingredients.

Value For Money

If you’re a backpacker in Sydney, chances are you’re hoping to save a few bucks where you can, and with Sydney being a relatively expensive city to live in, finding quality eats at bargain prices is always a bonus. Sydney hostels are packed to the brim with travellers who want to explore Sydney on a budget, and the city doesn’t disappoint in the food stakes.

If you’re looking for a taste of Lebanese, a cuisine that heavily influences Sydney’s food scene, look no further than Abdul’s Lebanese Restaurant in Surry Hills. A banquet, including entrées, mains, desserts and Lebanese tea and coffee to finish will only set you back $25 per person, with free belly-dancing entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays. There’s also Wagaya, a Japanese restaurant in the city that offers small, tapas-style dishes for well under $10 each. A table of four can generally eat for under $80, and as the restaurant is BYO you can save money on the drinks bill as well!