Super Mario is a pop icon to a generation of kids who controlled their lives with the push of A and B and the movement with the directional pad. Level after level, retry after retry, kids of this era had countless hours of ecstatic laughter making Mario collect hundreds of coins without ripping his pockets, bumping his head repeatedly on floating bricks, which again, gives golden coins. It was also a game of determination, as each level of this legendary game was getting more difficult as the levels progress. Bouts of frustration and broken controllers are normal for the household with an avid gamer during this era. Millions of terrabytes later, gaming has evolved from 8 bit pixels to ten million gigabytes of graphics. You need a certain model of video card or processor to play some of the latest games out in the market, but back then, all you needed was a TV, a console, and a power cable. Nothing is as precious to the gaming connoisseur as bringing this childhood pixelated wonder to the bathroom to make the toilet a part of the legendary game’s level. Literally.

Bathroom vanity themes are not limited to the warmly lit, marble walls of grand baths, or the simple functionality of minimalism. Some people just happen to take things seriously unconventional. Every detail was painstakingly sketched and painted on, including the mushroom that Mario ate to grow 36 inches taller, the flower Mario pocketed to generate long range fireballs out of his hands, regardless if he was on land or diving in deep water. Some clever touches include a brick just above a person’s head with a coin popping out, a game over black towel, which is what it is in the game itself, a one up mushroom tissue keeper, a brick trash can, and as you can see, Mario is gladly offering the discerning guest the soap controller that can kill him or feed him with mushrooms. This controller decided almost everything that happens in Mario’s life. In the right hands, he meets the princess at the end; in the wrong hands, he’ll just keep dying every painful death again and again.
It was fate when the work of a loving father inspired the minds of other individuals who grew up in the generation of up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-start (a.k.a. the Konami Code). This loving dad came from Tennessee. He loved his son so much he decided to reanimate level 1-1 of Super Mario Brothers in his son’s room. It was not long that this work of love had spread online and inspired others to start working on turning bathrooms into a work of pixelated art and 8-bit wonder. Including the soap shaped like. The results are so much fun, it becomes an instant photo booth for said person’s friends. It looks so much like the scenery from the game itself, it’ll make you w
onder that its about time Mario and Luigi will pop out from the toilet or the sink.More and more people are uploading their finished work on video game themed renovation. Who knows what else has this idea inspired. Whether one employs the more expensive decal job that would average $1,100, according to loving Tennessee dad, or take the painstaking labor of painting the walls in bold strokes and straight lines, pixel by pixel of Mario’s appearance, it all depends on choice, budget, time and skill, and most importantly sentiment for the said legendary game. Hello childhood memories! Growing up has never been so obvious since turning the entire house bathrooms and even double bathrooms into a video game level all by yourself.

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