Midland Beach Staten Island


This is Midland Beach on Staten Island.

The Story

It’s been a number of weeks since Hurricane Sandy. And I took this photo about 2 days after the storm. I took to Midland Beach — walking the shoreline. The objects that were on the beach ranged from massive pipes to boats to chairs.

As a matter of fact I found two chairs. This one is more of a bench. And I am certain that it was in someone’s backyard. There is nothing particularly interesting about this bench. But for me it was the symbolism.

The bench looks to be purposely placed on the beach. Looking out into the horizon. I felt as if I was being invited to sit. To meditate on the day. And what it means to me. I almost did. But I felt it would not be proper because this is someone else’s bench. And they should be here — not me.

Still, Staten Island is in recovery mode from Hurricane Sandy. But Midland Beach will recover. I am certain that the first warm day in June — the beach will call to family, friends and lovers. They will come by the dozens. And enjoy Midland Beach, once more.

Call To Action

Midland Beach is off the beaten path for many New Yorkers. I live on Staten Island. And I have only been to the beach once. But if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by. And enjoy the day.