A furnished apartment that provides all the basic amenities for your daily use is called a serviced apartment. These apartments are equipped with all the innovative facilities for commodious short term and long term stays. These homes are far away from the homes of the customary travelers. These apartments are more often than not less expensive than other hotels and most probably considered the best alternatives for reasonable lodging for the traveler whose expenses are paid by the business he works for, as well as regular travelers.

When you travel with your family, then you can stay in these serviced apartments. This can be a wise choice as the occupants can get more breathing space, concealment and expediency. In general, having a well equipped kitchen, they give  you options for preparing meals to the occupants thus serving them to preserve the bills of eating houses.

Hotel Apartments

A hotel apartment is the beginning of the preeminence of serviced apartments. These apartments’ hotels are all similar to the apartment complex where the customers don’t need to go through the fixed contracts and it has booking system similar to those of apartment complex. The customers can check out whenever they wish to stay. More often than not, these are the edifices, which contain both individual guestrooms and apartments to be accessed through an inside lobby in the building.

If we compare these buildings to the rigid format of the hotels then there are many more flexible options available that allow residents to stay according to their own desire. They can vary their stay from few days to few months. It may even extend up to years. These apartment hotels are equipped with modern furnishings, wi-fi connections, LED TVs, integrated kitchens, luxurious beds and modern washrooms. These all are self contained apartments. They will facilitate everything for a lavish stay that one can avail at best affordable prices.

Long Stay Apartments

Extended Stay apartments are those apartments which allow the customer to stay for the long time like years. These apartments are lodged with extraordinary features and are available on demand but not on regular hotels. There are furnished with dwelling-like comforts, these apartments provide most dependable options for adjustment to the business travelers on extensive assignments, fellowships in the midst of resettlement, and anybody else in motive of casual worker housing. The more you will stay, the less would be the rent and this concept has been followed by almost all the apartments. Moreover, these types of apartments more often than not offer dispensation on rates for more longer stays, thus affording budget saving alternatives for the occupants willing to persist for long period of time in these apartments.

They facilitate comprehensive stays and have all the amenities to constitute for home from home admitting internet access, cable TV, phones, housekeeping services, laundry service and well furnished kitchen.