Do it in advance

Doing things in advance is a good idea whether it is a wedding or a travel trip. It is strongly recommended to book your hotel room at least a couple of weeks in advance. There are certain websites that offer secret hotels such as where you could save up to 50 cents.

Most of the hotels use secret hotel websites to sell their hotel rooms that would otherwise stay unsold. Although you don’t know in advance where you will be spending the night, you get guaranteed quality standards and amenities.

Go to gumtree

There are many sites that offer services like swapping products or tickets. You can swap with a sports fan from Paris who wants to visit England for Olympics. You can find many deals at about holiday homes, cottages or villas all over Europe.

Target off peak times

Travel in off peak season to cut down flight charges. You can do this by booking a flight in advance to avail price cuts. You can find the price cuts with many airlines during the week. You just need to grab them before others get the deals on the weekend. Subscribe for a weekly email on Travelzoo site to get the top best deals emailed to you every Wednesday.

Call for less

After the EU ministers introduced the new European roaming charges, the holiday makers will enjoy the cheaper roaming bills. Outgoing calls will be charged just 29 cents a minute while incoming will cost 8cents per minute from next month. Browsing will be charged 70 cents per Megabyte usage.

By 2014, the charges will further drop down to about 19 cents per minute for an incoming call while internet browsing charges will get down to 20 cents per MB.

Buy on flash sales

“Buy when it calls you not when you need it”. These days, we often find things offered at massive discounts but for a limited time. There are many websites that offer these services such as Groupon and Livingsocial that offer a variety of discounted travel deals.

Refundable services

To get the most out of the deals that keep changing every day, why not book a refundable hotel and stay tuned with the changing prices until your travel time. In case you find a better deal, you can cancel your booking with the hotel for a full refund and go for the cheaper one.

Book your train tickets

As said earlier, booking tickets in advance makes a big difference to your wallet. Whether its flight or a train. If you are not sure of your journey date, booking at least a day before your trip can save you some few bucks.

There is a big misconception that five star hotels are expensive than the normal ones. But I would say they are much affordable with their discounts and concessions. Contacting hotels and travel package providers will help you find special discounts and promotions especially four star hotels and five star hotels are currently offering.

Get Premium Credit cards

Whenever you are withdrawing money in overseas ATM, check with your bank about the charges and interests levied on your withdrawal. This will let you have a control on your budget.

Often banks offer cheaper rates for premium accounts, so before you go on your holiday trip it may be worth upgrading your card.

However, I recommend applying for an international pre-paid card that has minimum charges for overseas operation and lets you gain small savings that can serve your coffee or breakfast.