4441404620 3f16a0f0c0 z 300x277 Pondering: Youre so Lucky!You’re so lucky! How often do we hear that phrase from friends, family and colleagues?

Is it lucky that you had a great review? No, you worked hard for a year to earn that.

Are you lucky because have lots of friends? No, you work to maintain these relationships. I do sometimes say I am lucky to have good friends or followers but that is more of a self-deprecating comment. I do “feel” lucky but also know that like gardens, friendships need weeding and watering.

“Luck is not chance, it’s toil; fortune’s expensive smile is earned.”
Emily Dickinson

Many times when people see good things happening to people they will say that someone is “lucky” but what do you think they really mean? Are they themselves looking for the fast pass at Disney to cut ahead of the line? I feel that this comment can diminish the hard work and effort that someone has put in. Instead of saying you are so lucky, say something like I am so I impressed that you you totally deserve all the accolades.

This post was inspired by my friend Matt Browne who is really good at giving compliments in a sincere and thoughtful manner. It is such a challenge to accept a compliment from people and often we will shrug it off because we are not comfortable in the spotlight and don’t want to appear rude or arrogant.

matt 300x39 Pondering: Youre so Lucky!

I would like to suggest that we all be more like Matt next time someone achieves something out of the ordinary for them and not say you are lucky BUT wow your hard work paid off. Matt helps me to appreciate my own accomplishment and celebrate it too! But do yourself a favor next time you receive a compliment: accept it.

What do you think about luck? How do you handle it when someone compliments you? How will you handle it next time someone compliments you?

Featured image courtesy of *~Dawn~* via Creative Commons.