Are you going on a vacation alone? Around the globe, there are many travelers who believe that travelling alone is the best way to explore a location. Being with a partner, you have to adjust a bit considering his or her tastes. Many travelers do not like to modulate their preferences as per the choice of their companions. Therefore, they like to go out on a voyage alone.

Solo travelers has opportunity to spend the day doing nothing, indulge their passion, join a group of like-minded travelers or visit the places they like. Contrary to the belief that single accommodations are unaffordable or unavailable, in many parts of the world there are different budget staying options for the solo travelers. Slowly, hotels are focusing on the solo travelers. Well, the accommodation concern comes second. What a solo traveler has to consider first is where to go? For a truly rewarding experience a solo traveler must select a country which is safe, friendly and there are enough places to visit.


Travel destination

You may follow the Global Peace Index to select a safe location for solo travel. However, apart from the ranking before selecting a destination consider:

  • Culture
  • Environment
  • Nature of travel

While the friendly culture and environment of a certain place is important, it is also essential to study the nature of a place, especially when you have prejudices. You may be on a look out for adventure on your vacation. This factor plays a crucial role when you are deciding a location. For example: for an adventure seeking traveler Egypt or Malaysia is captivating, but not Laos. However, all of them rank high in the happiness index or peace index.


The first and foremost device that you need to keep while traveling alone is your smartphone. This pocket device can be put for thousands of uses and increases your safety manifold. Check the apps, in the virtual store of your smartphone. Most of them are free for the android and iOS platform.

There are certain basic apps which we often ignore as childish, can be helpful while you are on a different country staying alone. These are:

  • Compass
  • Weather
  • Flashlight
  • Translator
  • GPS

There are many other helpful apps, which you must be accustomed with before beginning your lone voyage. These are:

SOS Whistle, SOS Siren Alarm, Scream Alarm: You must have picked up the most safest place on earth for your vacation. You never know that there will be no one trying to pickpocket or attack you for other reason in that location. In such a situation, instead of being panicked you need to raise alarm. These alarm apps pf your phone are effective to scare the thieves, goons or those who attack you.

Onwatch, React Mobile, bSafe: When you are in a foreign land it is very crucial to keep a few emergency numbers handy. Make the list in your phone. When in danger, you just tap the app and all your emergency contacts will be alerted. You may even send a message to the police using this app. However, each of these apps is slightly different from one another. Check them out yourself to see how each of these apps work.

Accessing free (or cheap) Wi-Fi: Wherever they move, the digital generation likes to stay connected. For that they need to have access to the Wi-Fi. A free app known as Wi-Fi finder may help you to locate the nearest Wi-Fi zone when you are desperately searching for the internet connection. However, free Wi-Fi has a problem. The speed can be disturbing and connection is unsecure. It is possible to rent unlimited Wi-Fi when in a different country. That service is much better.

WhatsApp Messenger: When on vacation, you must be willing to stay in touch with your friends and families. However, the charge for overseas calls impede many travelers to speak with their near and dear ones over phone. They can download the app WhatsApp Messenger and send photos, messages and even audio notes for free.


There many other applications in your smartphone store. Learn their advantages in your leisure time. Using these apps, you can confirm whether your flights are on time, the local restaurants of the area, nearby shops, ATM, hospital and foreign currency converter. There are some websites as well that you can refer to while planning the vacation.

So, what are you waiting for? Set out on a journey to explore the unknown without fear.