With New Years Eve upon us there will be many people making New Years Resolutions, and I think something that everyone wants is to be a little more organized this year. Being organized can make life easier and less stressful when your schedule get full, and here are some ways that you can keep yourself organized without it being a hassle:

  • Give each item a “home”, meaning everything in your room has its place in the room where it stays, so a certain part of your room has the items you use to get ready while your nightstand has your cell phone etc. The reason you want everything to have a certain “home” is so that before you leave the room every day make sure whatever you used is back in its proper place. This should only take a few minutes every time you leave the room or office but over the course of the week you’ll notice the clutter doesn’t pile up
  • Use a calendar or planner: Now this may seem like something that is common knowledge but a lot of people use a calendar or planner and then never look at it. Putting a calendar in a place where you can see it, and making sure that you look at it every day is something that you need to put in your routine. After making your coffee, or before getting ready, make sure you look at the day and take note of what you need to get done
  • Make a list for the day, even if you don’t have a lot to do you want to make this step a part of your routine and the only way to do that is by making a list daily. After looking at your calendar, you write down tasks you need to get done or what you need to do to accomplish the task. Giving yourself a visual of what you need to do gets rid of the worry that you may have forgotten something or helps you remember an item that may have slipped your mind
  • Keep a “To Do” and “Today” list on the same white board or paper where you can see it to help remind yourself of future things that you may not always remember to do. For example, on your “To Do” board you could have “Make dentist appointment in a month” or “Have oil checked in car”, while the “Today” board is your usual list for the day. This way if an item isn’t something that needs to be accomplished today you can move it to the “To Do” list.

What are some ways that you stay organized?