Christmas is arriving and companies across the country will be decorating their offices to create that festive atmosphere around the work place. Undoubtedly this raises morale in the office, but do office Christmas decorations really motivate employees and drive productivity in what can be a very distracting season?

Office Christmas decorations can often cause employees to lose focus, getting distracted by Christmas preparations, discussions of what activities they will get up to over the festive season, the must-have Secret Santa gift swap, and seeing their computers as the perfect opportunity to buy some last minute gifts. This relaxed, joyous atmosphere can mean work takes a little bit longer than normal.

Office fairy lightsImage by victoriapeckham

Unnecessary Expenditure

Decorating the office for Christmas does require a budget for companies at a time where the economic climate is struggling. Therefore it can be seen as unnecessary expenditure for what will probably increase procrastination and lower productivity throughout the office.

With the majority of companies trying to cut back on costs at every opportunity to ensure survival, office Christmas decorations can seem to be a frivolous waste of money for something that is not contributing to the success of the business. The decorations can provide a distraction for employees by provoking a holiday mindset and party atmosphere.

However, is ignoring Christmas in the office altogether a recipe for so much more productivity?

The Office With No Christmas

This year the Royal Bank of Scotland will be having no Christmas parties across the country to cut back on costs. An office without Christmas decorations or any recognition of the festive spirit is a pretty bleak image and likely to have an impact on the mood of the staff.

It can make employees feel neglected and gives the impression that they are not valued by their company and just seen as mere human capital. The company’s image towards its employees may also be in jeopardy. Do you want to be seen as the dull business that does not celebrate Christmas? If clients visit the premises regularly too, what are they going to think?

Perhaps then, there is no way to escape the fact that productivity may take somewhat of a nosedive during this festive season! On the other hand, aren’t happy employees (i.e. the ones wearing santa hats and tinsel over their smart suits) the ones that are going to be the most motivated to work, even if they take a break every now and then to chat about gift ideas?

Benefits of Christmas Decorations

Personally, I think office Christmas decorations are crucial. For starters, they provide an incentive and encourage employees to come into to work in what is a national holiday season. A festive and fun environment can also really enhance team building in the workplace, leading to a unity and solidarity in the work force.

Following motivational theory, Christmas decorations in the office can act as a reward for the employees and make them feel valued for their hard work and contribution to the company. This would also create a relationship between staff and The Company, building a favorable company image which can lower the staff turnover.

Impossible to Escape the Christmas Buzz

Companies will find it near impossible to escape Christmas buzz that will take priority in the mind of the employee, especially as the 25th rolls closer. So try to see the benefits of office Christmas decorations and use them to encourage and reward!

The best solution is to accept the fact that the office will not be quite as productive as normal, but will undoubtedly be a better place with a little sparkle! In fact, why not go all in and offer a Christmas hamper to the employee who shows the most dedication and passion to their job in December, and use Christmas completely to your advantage?

Do the office Christmas decorations in your work place have an impact on the productivity of the work force? Tell me below!