NYC's Favorite Resident -- The Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge. I was in Brooklyn Bridge Park when I took this photo. Steps away from Jane’s Carousel.

The Story

The best times of the day — for me — are sunset and sunrise.

Why — well at sunrise New York City is just waking up. It’s groggy from the night before, begging for that first cup of Café Bustelo. But the sunrise brings with it a sense of renewal. It sets fire to the sky as it smolders – amarillo, naranja, rojo, violeta y azule.

Buenos días Nueva York.

The sunset casts a much different mind-set. It winds the day down. It prepares New York City for an extravagant sky, painted in azule y naranja. While begging for a glass of Boca Chica as the sunset chauffeurs NYC into nightfall.

Buenas noches Nueva York.

Call To Action

Take in these moments. Sunset and sunrise. Where — anywhere you like ;-)