NYC Skyscrapers Basking In The Sunset


This was taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park — Pier 1, in Brooklyn, NY. This capture was taken at 5:27 PM.

The Story

Brooklyn Bridge Park is 85-acres and sits on Brooklyn’s East River Shoreline. And it runs Brooklyn’s post-industrial waterfront. And it’s simply a photographers dream shoot. I have been to Brooklyn Bridge Park a number of times — each time at a different location. But I stick to blue hour. This is simply that golden hour of the day. When the Sun and clouds create magical symphony of color.

Someone once told me that, “New York City is the 2nd most photographed city in the World.” And I responded, “it might be the second but it’s by far the most beautiful.” But I am biased.

As a photographer I look upon the City I love with new-found eyes. A changed perspective. Admiring her grandeur. Her stature. And New York City’s timelessness.

Call To Action

There are many places in New York City that are a must visit. So go and visit them. But when you are ready to be in awe of the beauty of this grand city. There is simply only one place to be — Brooklyn Bridge Park.