New York City SkylineIin Black And White

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This is a capture of downtown Manhattan. I was on the Staten Island Ferry when taking the photograph.

The Story

I normally don’t take black and white photographs. I have nothing against black and white (B&W). It’s just not something I was really ever drawn too. But a few days ago I found myself enamored by a B&W photograph.

So I took a photo from last year — a NYC skyline — and decided to see what I could do with it. There is a timelessness about B&W. A nostalgia that is reminiscent of a more uncomplicated moment in time. In some instances a moment frozen in time.

When I look at this landscape of New York City — this is the story I am listening too. And even though it’s obvious that this is a modern NYC. There is an agelessness about the image. One which I am sure you can connect with.

Call To Action

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