This shot was taken around 5:00 PM. From the small bridge at the south end of Central Park, in New York City.

The Story

I adore this time of the year in New York. You become a willing participant to the transformative effects of the holiday season. The natives, tourists, visitors and even NYC traffic officers are in a heightened state of euphoria.

The City is bathed in gold. Red. And Green. Along with a frosty nip that demands a balmy brew of holiday coffee.

Many of us are still merry from Thanksgiving. While others are making plans for Christmas and New Years — to be close with friends, family and lovers. As we wrap-up business for the year and gifts, be ever-present and thankful.

Call To Action

Central Park is a wonderful location to recharge. The Park allows you to step way — momentarily — from the intensity. And enjoy a moment of Zen-like peace. I know as a native — I cherish those quiet moments in Central Park. You should as well.