A state of gratitude manifests

Gratitude brings us more and greater things to be grateful for. This is because the world around you reacts to your state of gratitude by giving more of what you’re being thankful for. Being grateful is the cause in the equation, and getting more of what you’re giving thanks for is the effect. Each action has a particular reaction. Gratitude is an amazingly powerful force that reaches the people and objects for which you are giving thanks immediately. This helps put you in creative flow with life, causing you to develop positively, almost effortlessly.

Give Thanks

One of the best things that you are able to do is to have gratitude. Give gratitude for everything that you have, everything you’ve done, all the individuals in your life and for your continued growth and development. It’s crucial.

Without gratitude in your life, you are likely to become arrogant, self-absorbed and isolated. Until you really look at all that you have and begin to treasure all that you’ve already been given, things will probably not seem meaningful. Think about it this way… Did you have anything to do with your appearance? Or the color of your eyes? Or your healthy body? Or where you were born? No!

For Everything

Have thankfulness for all that has been produced for you. You are able to see distinctly the trees and beauty around you. You are able to take in a breath of relatively fresh air. Be thankful for the knowledge that you have been presented with or that you’ve learned. Be thankful that you have many people who love you deeply and profoundly. Be thankful for each experience that has strengthened and shaped you into the person you are becoming.

It’s very easy to say “I did it all.” But that would discredit all of the people aho have contributed both knowingly and inadvertently to your success, your emotional support, the balance in your life and your power. There’s a force right now in your life that holds you on track; be aware of that. There are individuals that you meet who have a deep effect on you in just one meeting. There are others that you formulate strong relationships with over time. There are instructors who have been great, but you don’t truly understand the effect they have had on your thinking until many years later. There are guides who have been fortunately placed on your life’s path at simply the right moment and time to comfort you or to fortify you. There are many people who respect you simply because of who you are, what you say and how you have touched their lives. Have thankfulness for all of these things.

With a spirit of gratitude, you will be call things into your life even before they are completely unfolded. That state of gratitude tells the universe that you’re open to receiving and that you’ve already received some portion of it in your heart. Your gratitude pulls things in like a magnet.

Put your best dreams out there with gratitude and remain open for it and know that its own its way. It may take some time as just the correct set of conditions have to come together to provide you your absolute best results.

The problem

Of course, like everything else you come across in life, there is a problem with gratitude. The issue with gratitude is that you have to sincerely feel it. You can’t just pretend or fake it. When you have gratitude there is a shift in your thinking, your attitude and your body that interacts with the universal power. Without this shift, you cannot manifest or see the way you wish. Without thankfulness you and your project are likely to stall out.

Be thankful. Be grateful for everything and everyone that crosses your path.


photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kriswm/3542048205/sizes/z/in/photostream/