As the holiday season comes near, you must have made excellent plans to make it merrier. These days, going for cruise rides is regarded as one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays. And around the world, a lot of people are going for such rides. Excellent weather to beat the cold of winter, deep blue seas to enjoy under the warm sun, and exotic beaches to – cruise rides can be great fun.

Cruise rides can be enchanting. Yet, you might face a few problems while on the ride. And this is when you may find it relevant to have a few mobile apps. Almost all of them have been designed to help you in one way or the other during the cruise rides. And many of them even come free of cost. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular free mobile apps that can come in handy during your cruise ride.

Finding the Best Deals with CruiseFinder

During the vacation season, a lot of cruise ship companies organize the best tours across the globe. But it’s not an easy task to select the right tour for yourself. This is where the Cruise Finder comes in handy. It comes for iPhone, android and other platforms. It can be one of your best companions if you are looking to find the best cruise trip within your budget. You can enjoy free daily cruise travel deals right on your phone with the help of this app. It can help you select apps by:

  • Date
  • Destination
  • Price

This app can be a perfect one-stop solution to help you find the best cruise ship trip for yourself.

Planning Every Cruise Detail Perfectly

While going on a cruise, you need to remain aware of all the information about it. And for that, ShipMate can probably be your best companion. It can offer you a number of facilities. You can avail a dashboard with the app that can help you see:

  • Your itinerary
  • Deck Maps
  • Excursions

Besides, if you want to know with whom you are traveling, you can just go for a Roll Call on your app. You can also get information about the latest cruises and check out their pictures in the gallery of ShipMate app. Thus, it can come in handy to plan your trip in a perfect manner.

WeatherPro for an Enchanting Trip

The weather plays a major role in ensuring that your cruise ship experience is an excellent one. However, for this you will need to keep an eye on not only the sky and the wind, but also on your mobile. A mobile app is one of the best things you can have to keep a tab on the weather. There can be many such apps. One of them is surely WeatherPro. It provides weather forecasts for over 2 million places across the globe. Besides, it also has high-resolution radar maps, which can be used for navigation.

Exchanging Currencies with XE Currency

When you are on a cruise ship heading towards a foreign port, you will surely love to shop a bit when you reach the shores. However, it is not possible for you to purchase things with the currency that you have. And if you have to exchange the currency, you need to calculate the rates properly. Know how much you will get in local currency and decide what you want to purchase with it. For this, the XE Currency app for your mobile will be of excellent help.

The mobile apps for cruise ship travel are varied. And each of them address a new kind of requirement that you may have during the travel. If you are planning to go for a trip, these can be the best tools that can help you make it a trip to remember.