The Walk Through Silver LakeBuy A Limited Print Edition


This is Silver Lake in Staten Island on a cold winter’s Sunday.

The Story

As I was leaving Silver Lake I had this urge to turn around. And I am glad that I did. Now in photography terminology, it would be called — leading lines.

As the terminology suggests, leading lines are “lines” that guide the viewers eyes to a specific part of the scene. In the case the leading lines would be the walkway.

You can see how your eyes are naturally led down the path. Which present the viewer with a wonderful sunset. Photographers use this technique to tell the viewer a better story. A more specific story.

It’s almost cheating when you come to think about it. I don’t really have to do much, here. The path is doing most of the story telling. Like a guide, the path takes you to where it wants you to go. I am just capturing the moment.

Call To Action

I am always making the statement — “explore things on your own.” But in this case, at least sometimes, following the path can lead to some incredible scenery.