Jane's Carousel Says Goodnight To New York CityBuy A Limited Print

The Location

This is the last photo I will be taking from Brooklyn Bridge Park. At least for 2012 or until the first good snowfall.

The Story

Jane’s Carousel was such a gem as night finally fell on Brooklyn Bridge Park. The carousel was so brightly lit — that it demanded to be captured.

The sad turn of events is that this is only a 2 exposure shot. Why — because the park closes at dusk. And I had a NYC Park’s Department officer riding my ass — telling me I need to leave, now. I pleaded with the “nice” woman. But she simply became more adamant.

So instead of massively pissing her off. I decided that two exposures will have to do. But I think they work well together — and the use of HDR Efex Pro, I think helped substantially.

So what’s the moral of this tale? Stand your ground but don’t get fined or worse arrested — simply for a photo you can get at a later date.

Call To Action

I was interviewing Don Gregório Antón, yesterday. For my Latino’s Behind The Lens project. And something he said to me keeps replaying in my mind’s eye:

Your imagery has an urgency of identifying space. It lavishly describes where you’ve been, but not how you’ve been. Consider this. Everyone usually follows the same path, but not everyone sees the same thing on that path. I believe this is what distinguishes the artists eye. To define for yourself who you are and why you are here . . .

As I pick my subjects and capture that moment — I normally focus on polite society. Making certain that society will enjoy the capture, above all else. Put as Antón puts it — photography is a journey of self-discovery.

So I ask you to spend less time pleasing polite society and spend more time in self-discovery. Because your identity is fluid — and it’s your obligation to evolve.