It is important to have a cohesive team within your business and bonding weekends and activities can certainly help. Strengthening the bond between employees can help to achieve goals and are also important in terms of creating a feeling of unity. Not only do such activities create a feeling of togetherness, but they can also be exciting and challenging.

The best thing about team bonding is that you can mix it up from the laid-back, such as enjoying each other’s company on Sydney Harbour cruises, or getting out of your comfort zone by taking to the great outdoors. Here are some ideas for your next bonding weekend.

Nature escape

Getting back to nature without the distractions of everyday life is a great way to get everyone to come together. Clear air, wide open spaces and few distractions means it is the perfect opportunity to do some team building. There are plenty of options for group accommodation in all states that are a long way from the city. Throw in some adrenalin pumping activities, such as abseiling and whitewater rafting, and you have the perfect recipe for team bonding.


Not only is paintballing great fun, but it is a great stress reliever. Employees can be placed into teams and their objectives can be everything from defending a base, attacking your “enemy” or stealth missions.

At the end of the day everyone is sure to come away with a smile on their face – and covered in paint. Tagging the boss is always a great feeling as well, but just don’t go after him or her at every opportunity for some “payback” – remember, you still have to turn up for work on Monday!


This is proving to be one of the most popular corporate bonding activities in modern business. The popularity of television cooking shows has unleashed the inner Masterchef in many of us and organisations are taking advantage by offering a variety of cooking experiences. They can involve everything from the basics to a complete degustation where the cooks can all try each other’s creations and even judge the efforts.

More exclusive cooking experiences can even be hosted by high profile chefs.

Corporate escape

The original and still one of the most preferred corporate bonding events, the weekend escape is a great way to unwind, get to know your workmates and to explore new ideas. It usually involves booking rooms and function areas at hotels that specialise in corporate getaways where everything is catered for, leaving the participants to focus on the reason they are there.

Team building exercises are common at corporate getaways and quite often they can include guest speakers – often high profile ones too – who can provide plenty of motivation.

Social events

Organising regular social events at a restaurant, winery, picnic or even a river cruise is also a popular way of bringing staff together. They can include overnight accommodation or go for just a few hours.

The idea is to provide a relaxed and social setting where ideas can flow freely. Just remember that employers have a duty of care as well so make sure you always encourage responsible alcohol consumption and behaviour at such events.