If you like math, then a career in contracting might be just the thing for you. Contractors tend to have steady work, and they are usually paid quite well after obtaining a few years of experience. Math is used for almost every part of this job, and you should be good at geometry, arithmetic and physics to make all the calculations necessary for making or modifying a building.

Why Math is Necessary
Contractors are required to use math for nearly every part of the job. Contractors need to adequately measure the amount of space needed for the job site, the angle of materials and they need to order the right amount of materials to get the job complete.

That explains why geometry and algebra are needed, but what about physics? Rainwater will often collect, and the house has to be equipped to move the water off the house. The contractor must calculate the amount of water that the drains will have to hold, and he or she needs to determine the proper angle to get rid of all the water.

Physics is also needed when it comes to knowing how much weight the house can hold. For example, a heavy roof will require extra support to keep the house stable. The contractor must determine how much extra support is necessary without doing too much work, as this will be costly, and without doing too little.

Nearly every aspect of a contractor’s job involves math, so you need to know exactly what you are doing before working on a house or building.

There are both self-employed contractors, and those that work for a firm. Those who are self-employed do not technically need any education, training or math experience. At the same time, these contractors often make incorrect calculations, or they make shoddy work.

Whether you are going for being self-employed or working with a company, you should have a degree. Typically a four-year degree in math and construction would be best, but some government jobs require a six-year degree.

You should look into your field of interest. There are many different contractor jobs available, but each one has a different set of requirements. Some just require experience from other jobs, but others will ask for a college degree or certification before you are allowed to work on the project.

Benefits and Pay
Contractors that work for companies often have great benefits. They tend to get most of the insurance types, like health and dental, and they get many other benefits like paid vacation and a retirement plan. Those who are self-employed do not have these benefits, but they usually make more money because they are in business for themselves.

The average pay for a new contractor is about $50,000 a year. Those with three to four years of experience tend to get around $65,000 a year. The top salary for most contractors occurs after having 10 years of experience, and they command a salary of $85,000 and up a year.

Salary can be affected by where you are working, and what position you have. Self-employed contractors can make much more if they are in a good area, and states like North Carolina tend to pay less than the national average.

Job Market
The best thing about being a contractor is that it is a very stable job. People always need things built, but few people know how to go about building in a professional manner. There are always many opportunities for contractors because businesses, the government, homeowners and everyone else needs construction. This gives the contractor many opportunities to find work.

Contractors use math more than many other positions. The contractor must know how to build or modify the house or building, and he must be able to order enough materials to do everything. The contractor must also use physics to ensure that the house is not too heavy, and to properly dispose of rainwater.

Math is very important to the contractor, and he gets a good salary and job security in return. If you like math and working on construction sites, then being a contractor might be your perfect job.

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