Methods of Graffiti Removal

Hot pressure washing is one of the common methods used for eliminating graffiti from the surface of building walls and sidewalks. The minimally abrasive washing process might include a number of cleansing products. Environmentally friendly products effectively remove unsightly and unwanted artwork from brick, glazed or painted surfaces.

Painting over the graffiti is another common method used for improving the appearance of surfaces. Using the same type of paint previously applied on existing surfaces, color-matching systems ensure that newly painted surfaces match areas not affected by vandalism.

Anti-graffiti coatings are another option once completing the cleaning process. Manufactured with wax like polymers, the coatings expand and contract with temperature variances. Coatings also resist deterioration from ultraviolet light and weather conditions. Once applied to an exterior surface, the coating protects against graffiti, dirt and environmental pollution for up to a decade.

Popular Graffiti Removal Products

Graffiti removal services not only effectively eliminate graffiti from any number of surfaces, but also offer a variety of products to businesses, communities and municipalities.

Brick, Stone and Masonry products apply quickly on surfaces marred by spray paint. Used in combination with a small pressure washer, these products typically have a 99 percent success rate.

Sometimes damage occurs on sensitive surfaces in residential, community or industrial buildings. There are inexpensive products that brush on and wipe off. These specially formulated products remove images created by crayons, felt markers or spray paint without damaging the surface.

Another innovative product not only removes permanent marker graffiti from painted surfaces and plastics, but also tackles unsightly messes on granite, marble and stone. Historical sites often become the victim of graffiti vandalism. In these instances, gentle formulations designed especially for historic locations successfully remove stains from brick, masonry and stone without abrading surfaces.

Manufacturers also create an ingenious handy wipe type product that quickly removes graffiti from hard, nonporous surfaces. The many surfaces where this product comes in handy for removing undesirable images include bathroom surfaces, glass, playground equipment and road signs.

Graffiti Removal Kits

Community volunteer groups often come together for neighborhood beautification projects. Under these circumstances, kits provide all the supplies needed for graffiti removal. One type of kit includes products for painted or other sensitive surfaces. Another type of kit supplies products designed for brick, masonry and stone cleaning.

Individual groups might also acquire the protective polymer wax coatings. Completely invisible after application, these products remove easily if needed.

When unsure about graffiti removal methods, or what products effectively remove graffiti from different surfaces, consult an expert. Consulting with an experienced graffiti removal service saves time and money by preventing further surface damage.