Good Morning at Central Park's "The Lake"

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The Lake in Central Park — New York City.

The Story

This was a morning capture. I spent a great deal of Saturday morning around The Lake. And oddly enough — I had no intention of capturing this photo. My main assignment for the day was to capture 4 bridges in the area.

But when I got to the Bow Bridge, I was entranced. The Lake was simply stunning. It was bordered by two bridges, the New York City skyline, a lovely gazebo and look-out points peppered throughout the perimeter. And while I captured Bow Bridge. An overwhelming desire to photograph as much of The Lake before the sunrise — overpowered me.

There is a small rock formation off of Ladies Pavilion. And it is there that I captured this sunrise. And in my opinion the best vantage point to drink in the day.

Call To Action

Take a stroll through Central Park. But make certain that you carve out a part of your day and spend it at The Lake.