Gift certificates are fast becoming the number one most requested gift during the Christmas season. And with so many people to please at this time of year, why not give them something they want. It benefits both parties and provides a pleasant shopping experience for those involved. Whether it is for a client, friend or loved one, gift certificates are the perfect choice this Christmas.


There are literally thousands of retailers to choose from when buying gift certificates. Department stores, restaurants, theatres and even that unique ‘experience’ they would never buy themself. You will find it a breeze to pick just the right gift for each and every recipient. With each individual you are buying for, you can nominate the denomination, therefore individualising your love or gratitude you have for them. Most people find gift certificates to be a step above ‘cash in a card’, as they take more thought and effort to acquire.

Easy and Convenient

No remembering to buy wrapping paper and no wracking your brain trying to think of a million gifts that have to be bought this Christmas. These are just two benefits that will encourage you to opt for gift certificates this year. You don’t even have to leave the house to do your Christmas shopping. A gift certificate can be ordered over the internet and sent straight to the recipient’s address, so simple.


Why not fully customise your gift certificate this year. These days you can print your image of choice or business logo with a cheery ‘Merry Christmas’ to show your appreciation. Personalise them even more by sending together with online invitations you designed yourself. A perfect way to invite people to a work Christmas party or and elegant, celebratory Christmas dinner with friends.


Everyone loves a gift certificate. There is always going to be a great shopping experience once receiving it for the recipient as they get to spend the gift certificate on what they choose and they don’t end up with another meaningless gift this Christmas.

Be Creative

If you feel that a gift certificate in a card just isn’t showing how much you love and respect this person why not be creative with your gift wrapping. Aside from giving the person a gift certificate from a place they love, you could also theme the gift wrapping to the certificate. For example, if you are buying your girlfriend a voucher to her favourite nail salon, why not tie the certificate to a bottle of nail polish. Or if it’s a certificate to a hardware store for your dad, attach the voucher to a hammer (or any tool you think he’ll use) for a fun twist on a simple but very thoughtful gift.

Gift certificates prove to be the perfect present for the person who has everything.

So whether it is for a client, great uncle or your best friend, gift certificates make shopping this Christmas so easy.