With the beginning of a new year comes the opportunity to explore fresh designs for your home. Whether you are moving into a new house or looking for some inspiration to liven up your pad, 2013 is bringing with it a whole host of design ideas, old and new. Here are the top five interior design trends for this year.

Pastel colours

Soft pastel colours were popular last year, but if you put your heart and soul into making your house beautiful and airy, then don’t worry. 2013 will again be a year of pastels, and using soft pinks and greens to make rooms cozy and elegant will continue to be a popular trend.



Functionality is usually the order of the day when it comes to furniture, and texture has been largely overlooked. This year, however, we are seeing the use of materials such as suede and wood to inspire comfort and warmth in the home. Texture is increasingly becoming the characteristic of choice to create a cozy home atmosphere. Similarly, embroidery and knitting is also a major trend this year, with carpets, baskets and covers receiving the cheerful handmade touch.

House to Home


The timeless character of stripes is looking to make an exciting impact on interior design this year. Social areas such as living rooms are transforming into bold but classy statements with the use of stripes from walls to couches. The versatility of stripes means they can be used for a whole range of desired effects, from crisp patterns creating a sense of glamour to a nostalgic glow from striped wallpaper.


Natural light

More people are using natural light to give their homes a touch of spring air. The soft pastel colours are best displayed with plenty of sunlight from things like wide windows and roof lanterns. The clean and airy effect it creates is a refreshing change from the greys and browns of last year’s trends that were probably inspired by tough economic times. With things looking more optimistic, bright airy rooms will reflect that.

 Westbury Orangery + Roof Lantern

American Deco

With the popularity of TV shows such as Boardwalk Empire and the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby, the world of interior design is being increasingly drawn back in time to 1920s America. Its opulence and romance will likely become a popular trend this year.

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