Most people spend the entire beginning of the New Year anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer. The weather is great and it’s the time of year that inspires outdoor living. Meals are cooked on the grill, the kids can play outside, and cocktails are enjoyed on the back patio instead of in the kitchen or dining room. When you spend so much time outdoors for the summer season it only makes sense to decorate the outdoors in a way that reflects the season and the reason for being outdoors in the first place.

Shade Sails

Shade Sails

You can do a lot with a shade sail. It’s a great way to provide a little shade to an outdoor sitting area or play area. It’s attractive, fun, and perfect for the summer holidays. They are easy to install and can provide shade anywhere you want. Use a shade said to:

– Cover outdoor seating areas
– Cover outdoor play areas
– Cover outdoor kitchen areas
– Cover outdoor tables and dining areas

By using more than one, you can create an abstract look that provides additional shade and the feeling that you and your guests are outside at a fabulous restaurant at a beach resort rather than in your backyard watching the kids run around the sprinkler.

Stripes and Flowers

If you have outdoor seating, you have to have outdoor throw pillows. The kind that are made specifically for the outdoors are great because you can use them to accent your outdoor seating without worrying that they will be ruined in the weather. If you choose to decorate with outdoor throw pillows, opt for pillows in bright colors with fun designs. Poppies and stripes are a great combination for an outdoor seating area because they are both brightly colored designs with summer flair.

Table Decorations

No outdoor seating area is complete without an outdoor dining table. If you have guests over to enjoy an al fresco meal on the back patio, you want to make sure your table is adorned with the appropriate outdoor table decorations. Clear glass vases in different shapes and sizes look great grouped together in the center of the table. The best part of these is that you can change what you put into the vases each time you head outside to entertain. To turn your vases into the perfect outdoor centerpieces for summer you can put any of the following in the vases:

– Beach sand and seashells
– Flowers
– Votive candles
– Colorful glass rocks
– White twinkling Christmas lights to add a romantic glow

Potted Plants

Decorating your outdoor space for summer is the best time of year to turn your thumb green and decorate with potted plants. Place abstract groupings of brightly colored summer flowers and greenery into the corners of your patio to help create a lush, tropical feel to your outdoor space. During the day it will look lush and green. During the evenings you can add soft white candles on table tops and bar tops to create a soft glow of green and brightly colored flowers.

Color Coordinated

Brightly colored accents are great for outdoor spaces during the summer, but you can also go a different route and do a completely nautical theme in your backyard. White tablecloths with navy stripes, glass votive holders with navy stripes, white and navy napkins, white and navy flowers, white and navy pillows, and a couple of safety floats hanging on the wall are a great way to add a little bit of a nautical theme to your backyard just in time to start entertaining for the summer.