pocket notebook

Van Gogh. Hemingway. Picasso. We all know these famous artists were brilliant in their own way, and brilliant people have their brilliant ideas. But where do these ideas take shape and moulded and crafted into a plan for the finished product? Their pocket notebooks.

Seeing that everyone’s light bulb turns on every once in awhile when least expected, a pocket notebook is perfect for harnessing the ground-breaking idea in hopes you can eventually make it happen. Or maybe you’re travelling abroad and feel inspired by an encapsulating monument or historical reference and never want to forget that feeling. Or perhaps you just want to get a thought on paper, because paper lives on far past the brief blink of a human’s years on Earth. No matter what, follow the simple tutorial on how to make this travel accessory for the favorite philosopher in your life for as little as the cost of paper and thread.

For a larger version, click here: Simple pocket notebook tutorial

Nate Schrader, writer for TravelProducts.com, generally explains how a travel adapter works to help abroad travellers have a more relaxing trip. When he’s not writing, Nate enjoys running and using architecture & art to create his own pieces.