If you take a closer look, you will see the majority of desktops and even a fair amount of laptops boasting of storage capacities that touch or even exceed the terabyte mark. What’s even more amazing is that more and more data we try to stuff on smaller drives more is the exponential increase in the amount of data generated. It is rare to find professional heavy duty media and photo applications today that need less than 2-3 gigabytes to install. Add to that the number of files that are generated by these programs and their individual size, and it becomes easy to see why bigger and bigger hard drives are more of a necessity than a luxury.

Backing Up Your Precious Data

What is your preferred method of storage for your precious photo collections?

Another thing that has moved speedily from the luxury bracket to the necessity bracket is backups; particularly online backup solutions. Let’s begin with just basic backups. A backup is a copy of your data that you make to be able to restore it in case you accidentally lose it due to some technical error. Traditionally, backup solutions consisted of a large capacity storage device that housed a copy of the master data which was updated at fixed intervals.

Online backup solutions do away with this need of having a physical storage medium in your possession and instead backup your data to a remote storage that can be located potentially anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Opting for Online Backup

  • The first one would have to be that you no longer have to worry about maintaining the backup hardware yourself
  • Lesser technical expertise is required to successfully create and use backups
  • The ability to access your data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No need to lug your bulky storage medium around with you wherever you go.
  • You can avail the services of advanced backup hardware and software for a fraction of the price, and in many cases, for smaller capacities, for free!

Special Needs of Creative Professionals

People and professionals from various walks of life benefit hugely from online backup solutions. If you value your data, you must entrust it to an online backup service. Such backup solutions are particularly useful for creative professionals. This is because the files that these professionals deal with routinely run into sizes that most of us would balk at. This is of particular significance in the case of photographers and video professionals.

Clicking Photos is Hard Work

Few things are as important to a photographer as his or her picture collection. These pictures and photos are the bread and butter of many semi-professional and all professional photographers. Each and every photo is painstakingly created, taking into account and adjusting a multitude of variables including lighting, aperture, depth of field, f-number, object, time of day, type of lens, type of camera sensor and other obscure factors. Needless to say, a great deal of hard work and careful planning, control and execution go into the creation of each of the pictures that professional photographers consider a part of their portfolio.

Choosing the Right Storage Solution

As expected, the storage solution that will house and safeguard data as crucial as this needs to have some serious thought out into it. Having the right storage solution is one of the cardinal things to being a successful photographer.

A good online backup solution is one of the best things that professional photographers can invest in. This solution must preferably be one that takes care of their special needs. For instance, in order to maintain the highest possible image quality, photographers need to use the RAW image format for their pictures. This is different from the average JPEG pictures that we usually come across.

As the RAW format is a lossless format, pictures shot in this format are significantly larger in size than their measly JPEG counterparts. In fact, the raw image file sizes for some professional cameras run into the 50-60 MB range for each photo. Consider that for a second.

That is why it is important to have a backup solution that is capable of storing the huge number of large image files, be easily accessible and portable. Online backup solutions are capable of fitting this bill perfectly as they are dirt cheap when it comes to cost to storage size ratio while considering the portability and security that they offer. No more lugging around bulky and delicate portable hard drives, all you have to do is log on to find the image you need.


Online backup solutions provide the best of both worlds for photographers. These solutions can give you an option to store your photos where you can readily access them when making a pitch or presentation or just showing your portfolio to a customer. A photographer who has an online backup solution has a secure storage for his photos, a truly portable storage system and above all, can travel light without any cumbersome storage devices tagging along.

About the author: Hi my name is John Mak, I am a web publisher and I like photography. Because of a latest ‘photo-loss’ incident, my advice is to often backup your photos and data! A new solution to store safely your personal data is through online backup services such as sugarsync free trial and mozy home free.