Vintage inspired interiors are huge at the moment, from homemade crochet blankets, to patchwork quilting; everyone is looking for the homely vintage feel with a chic modern twist. Voile window panels are making a comeback, complete with their more traditional sister, the net curtain. New elegant designs in chic modern voile combined with more modern washable fabrics are giving net curtains, voiles and jardinières a new lease of life. They can be combined with a traditional drape or for a modern touch can even be elegantly combined with blinds and shutters. Primarily, they have a practical application in the home; to avoid you being overlooked by nosey neighbours, but they also add a romantic touch to bedroom and a cosy touch to reception rooms – even Buckingham Palace has nets!

There are a wide range of sizes and designs look their best when they are measured properly and made to fit. Linens Direct have a special service which allows you to enter the width of your window in centimetres or inches and to specify how much gather you would like in your panel and then works out the amount and price for you!

Measuring for your nets or window panels and voiles is easier than measuring for curtains. There is only one set of measurements to be taken, whether you are hanging them using a wire, or a telescopic pole fitting. The width and height of the window, or window recess is all that is needed to give the width of net required and the drop needed.

With nets we recommend a total width of at least 2.5 times the actual window width.  This allows for sufficient gather to make the net hard to see through from the outside and ensures privacy, as well as maintaining a vintage feel and the right look for your home.

For those who prefer slightly less, or slightly fuller appearances, you should choose a two or three times width respectively.  When purchasing a jardinière the same measurements are used, as the drop length on the jardinière is for the longest part of the jardinière, ensuring that near the window edges the net will reach the sill, and that the arch of the jardinière fits the window appropriately.

Drop ranges from 90cm, which is a the height of a standard, small double glazed window and go all the way up to 230 centimetres, so even the tallest windows can be catered for in style. Additionally, there are also hemming and alterations services, so all you need to do is measure your windows and pop in the measurements and amount of windows this size – if all of your windows are the same size, this makes ordering custom panels super easy and a simple way to update your room to add a vintage feel.