Central Park's The Lake Reflecting

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This is The Lake at Central Park.

The Story

The Lake is a photographic gold mine. I took about 3 dozen photos. Why? Well, because The Lake is that gorgeous. This capture was taken on a natural rock formation, near the Ladies’ Pavilion. And after I was satisfied that I got what I needed.

I just sat there.

The Sun was rising over the tree-line and I began to reflect. I was contemplating about my journey through 2012. It was cathartic in some respects. An awakening if you will. I realized that I have been living a middle-of-the-road, life. And it was only through the lens — that self-discovery began to take place.

As the morning grew older — reflection turned into development. I am looking at 2013 to be, a gift of, an extraordinary life. One in-which my yearly goals are set. And will require a great deal of conviction with little room for mediocrity.

Call To Action

To each viewer this photo will tell a different story. But to every viewer I ask that you reflect. Think about what needs to be thought about. And enter 2013 dreaming massively, goal setting and living an intentional life.