Central Park's Belvedere Castle

New York’s Central Park is simply one of the most iconic residents of New York City — if not the World. The park is huge. Approximately 1.317 sq miles (3.41 km²). And it’s peppered with many incredible attractions:

  • The Pond
  • The Mall
  • Sheep Meadow
  • Rat Rock

And my personal favorite Belvedere Castle. Which was built-in 1869 but is not an actual castle. It’s actually a weather station with a wonderful observation deck.

For this particular capture I decided to take an off-center photo. So was I playing with the rule of thirds? No. I am simply telling a different story. And while I always have the “best practices” running through my head. I will quickly discard them for a better perspective that lends itself to a better story.

And at the end of your assignment it’s the story that connects with your viewer. Not best practices.

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