Central Park Says Good Morning to New York City

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This capture was taken near the Ladies Pavilion on The Lake, in Central Park.

The Story

I think that Central Park was designed with photographers in mind. I mean, I have been able to capture some wonderful moments. And it does not make a difference if I am taking photos in the evening or in the early morning. Central Park doe not disappoint.

For me the best times to take photos is in the very early morning — or blue hour. Why? There are very few people up at that time. And it gives you the opportunity to simply scout and chose the best locations.

The History

Central Park sits in the center of Manhattan. It runs between 59th Street (Central Park South) and 110th Street (Central Park North). And runs-wide between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West. The Park was opened in 1857 and today is a National Historic Landmark.

Central Park is a very popular location — about 37 million visitors stroll through the park every year. But for residents the park is a retreat from New York City.

Call To Action

It does not make a difference where you enter or where you go within Central Park. But one of my all time favorite locations is Belvedere Castle. Take a stroll to the castle — you will not be disappointed.