Central Park Is The Escape From NYC


This capture was taken from an over-pass in Central Park. This specific body of water is known as The Lake.

The Story

I questioned this capture a great deal before publishing it. I became even a harsher critique of this photo after post. Why — I see a number of issues with the photograph, too many that I don’t care to mention. I was almost prepared to 86 the capture when I decided not too.

Sometimes photographers are convinced “this” photo is terrible. And they begin to ask themselves “what was I thinking?” The creative process is peppered with self-doubt and bias. But sometimes better judgement prevails.

Only sometimes ;-)

The History

I have said this in many posts — Central Park is beautiful, stunning and picturesque. I am grateful that designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux improved and expanded the park. More impressive is that this project ran in parallel to the American Civil War, mind you :-)

Call To Action

Before the end of the year — go! And enjoy Central Park.