Times are tough these days. The cost of living seems to rise by the day – from food and drink to filling up the car. If you’re lucky enough to have a job you’re probably finding your pay packet not stretching as far as it did a year ago and you may be having to make some serious cut backs. However, when it comes to spending on things around the home it’s worth spending money on quality goods – and not just opting for the cheapest alternative. The saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice” – and how true it is. In fact, if you don’t buy quality homeware you could end up spending much more in the long-run. Don’t believe us? Well read on and see five home essentials that you need to splash the cash on – by the time you finish you’ll agree. frugal-isn't-always-best

1 – Plates and dinnerware First up – plates and dinnerware. “Ha! Are you having a laugh?” you exclaim. “I don’t need fancy dinner service sets, a cheap plate will do me fine!” Right, here’s where you’re wrong. A cheap plate will crack easily – especially if it gets hot enough. It won’t be dishwasher proof. It will chip, and if you drop it it’ll more likely break than a more expensive model. And if that wasn’t enough your food won’t look very appetising – especially if you have a dinner party. In fact if you do have a dinner party anytime soon you’ll only have to go out and buy a dinner set anyway. So why not save yourself some money? Have a look at some of these Denby dinner sets for some pretty good ones.

2 – Knives and forks You must be a fool if you buy cheap knives and forks. Compared with more professional models, cheap knives and forks are made of cheap metal. They bend easily. They blunt easily. They feel cheap in your hands. They’re not dishwasher friendly. “Oh but all you use them for is eating with, you don’t need a fancy fork or a classy knife surely?” you cry. Ok, let me put it this way, the next time you’re tackling a steak or trying to eat spaghetti with a knife which can’t cut it because it went blunt long ago, or a fork which is so thin your pasta slips off, you’ll remember that. Honestly, don’t buy cheap knives and forks – you’ll only regret it! frugal-isn't-always-best

I’m a fool for beautiful bedding.

3 – Beds and bedding Unfortunately many people suffer from insomnia and restless sleep. They wonder why, so they buy herbal remedies, sleep pills – pay for doctor’s prescriptions….in fact they could be wasting money – because the real problem could be their sleeping environment. You spend around a third of your life in your bedroom. “Seriously?” – Yep! 8 hours a day asleep. That’s why it’s vital you splash out on quality. A comfortable and sturdy bed is far better than a thin mattress which will sink in the middle after only a few months. You need to be prepared to spend good money on a bed – it’s a purchase you can’t afford to cut back on. Then there’s the bedding. In the middle of winter would you rather be wrapped up in a heavy duck down duvet, or shivering in a thin one-piece? When the nights get cold I know where I’d rather be. Have a look at some of these Kylie Minogue At Home sets for some examples of how money buys quality!

4 – Towels Picture that winter scene again. It’s minus 10 outside and you’ve just stepped out of a steaming hot shower. What would you rather wrap up in? A warm and comfortable plush towel or a scraggly thin piece of material which isn’t even big enough for your shoulders. The fact is you use a towel (we hope!) at least once a day. Putting it like that you’ll need several towels per year – do you really think a cheap one will survive 365 days? Go for quality. You’ll thank yourself this winter.

5 – Pots and pans Finally, the last home product you can’t scrimp on are pots and pans. Whenever you boil something you need to think about more than just getting it hot! If your pots and pans aren’t coated with a non-stick material, as soon as it gets hot your food will weld itself to the pan. If your pots and pans aren’t made of a solid, sturdy material like anodized aluminium or steel, the heat conduction properties won’t be as efficient and you’ll be slaving over a hot pan for longer – wasting even more gas and electricity than you would if you had a good set. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, when it comes to cleaning them after you’ve eaten – a good set of pots and pans will save you time, effort and energy.So there you have it, five very convincing arguments as to why you need to splash out on homewares. The saying’s certainly true – if you buy cheap – you will buy twice…. in more ways than one.