You have been through such a hard time. I understand. I’ve been there. Your world becomes tiny. You don’t feel like eating. You don’t enjoy being awake and your sleeps are restless and tense. Every word and glance is an insult. Every new connection is a person waiting to tear you down. You curl yourself tighter and tighter into that cocoon, and sometimes, you wish you could just plain curl yourself out of existence. You hope your cocoon falls to the ground in the next big storm. This is everything you know, and it’s none too pleasant.

Now then, is this making you feel any better? The sun is shining. You are surrounded by green vibrant leaves, a blue sky, and if you let yourself emerge, I’m guessing you’ll find out that you are a darned beautiful creature with wings that can fly and a proboscis that can suck the very nectar out of life. It’s time to come out of your little shell. There’s no room to grow or change in there. There’s no way to discover the really real you in there. You can’t realize your full potential in there, you know. You’re too restricted. You’re too constricted. Your world is too small.

Yes, there will be a few moments when you break loose where the dew on your new wings will make them seem heavy. You’ll feel unsure about showing the world your splendor. What if it isn’t all that splendid? What if you’re a moth instead of a butterfly? Well, there’s only one way to find out, of course. You need to come on out of that little cocoon. You need to shake that dew off and feel the sun on your back. You need to visit some of those flowers and fly through the air currents.

We all need cocoon time now and then. And for a little while, that’s okay. It’s expected, even. But living in a cocoon can become a habit. A bad habit. It can make us shrink. It can make us forget what we like about ourselves and about the world. Life is too short to do such things.

Come on out, you lovely being. Spread those wings and show the world what it is you’ve been keeping to yourself all this time. You’re too precious to stay hidden away. You’re too beautiful, inside and out.

Image Credit: via Creative Commons