Black Friday Sane Shopping

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Real Black Friday aficionados know that the day after Thanksgiving isn’t merely a shopping day, it’s an event. It takes preparation.

The good news:  it’s not too late to come up with a plan of attack. If you are determined to head out before dawn— coffee in hand— to bag the best bargains, here are tips to help you survive shopping season with your sanity:

Shop on off-hours

Head out on off-hours, like mid-morning or even dinner-time.  No worries. Even if the door- buster is only on sale for a few hours, experience shows there will be other deals at other times on other days.

Ask for an escort to your car

Once you’re loaded down with bags, why not ask for a little extra help? Stores are eager to assist you so that you come back. Go ahead and ask for an escort to your car. Plus, it’s safer if it’s dark outside.

Join forces with other moms

Why risk losing the kids or your mind! Make a pact with one or two moms that you’ll take turns watching each other’s kids so that you each have a chance to shop solo.

Download a spending app

The only thing more important than finding the perfect gift is keeping to budget. You’ll be less likely to overspend if you see exactly what you’re buying by tracking purchases with a spending app.

Don’t “mall eat”

Grabbing a gooey pretzel or gigantic cookie because you’re in “combat” mode will only make you mad later. Eat before you shop and treat yourself to a coffee or a healthy juice while you’re out there.

Let your fingers do some of the shopping

Don’t forget: cyber stores are open 24/7….and  Cyber Monday is just a few days after the Black Friday madness.

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