Was there a world before Amazon and eBay? Hard as it is to imagine, there was, and not so long ago at that.
When you think of getting a deal online, be it for anything from Motorola Mobile Computers to teeth whitening kits, you probably still think eBay and Amazon – their names having become synonymous with great bargains – and you’re not wrong in doing so. However, there is also a great upside in checking out some other bargain sites, which basically serve as aggregators of discounts and offers.

Like What?

Bargain sites do two main things – one they give an out and out discount on a product, and two, they offer incentives like coupons and cash back rewards, though mostly for members. It really is possible to get some great discounts if you know where to look.

There are a lot of different bargain sites, but here are some of my favorites. If these don’t suit your fancy, you can do a simple web search for bargain sites in your area.

  • FatWallet

This is a great resource for getting daily deals and coupons. Also offers cash back options. You can shop by category, by store or check out the best deals for the day. FatWallet.com works with companies like Walmart, HP and Amazon, to name a few, to offer cash back options, discounts and coupons. It works on a membership basis, which, needless to say, is free.

  • Pricegrabber

Again this gets you some offers from multiple retailers who are given seller ratings. So you could find anything from local deals on restaurants or spas to buying a camera from B&H that has some offer attached to it.

  • Slickdeals

Pretty much the same – aggregates offers from a host of retailers – Amazon, Sears, Walmart, Kohls Apple etc – links to them when user clicks on the product. Also a great resource for coupons.

  • Overstock

Extremely recommended. This is one I visit frequent. It’s visually appealing, well stocked, and has genuine deals.

  • Junglesearch

Serves as an advanced search for Amazon where you can specify details down to the T , including the percentage of discount you want, and hit search. The site is almost addictive as you discover the pleasures of customized search that saves you money.

There’s also Shopzilla, Extrabux and Dealpplus, Retailmenot and Couponcodes. The last two are amazing for coupons.

What To Look When Looking for Bargain Sites

When you first begin to shop online, it can get a bit overwhelming. The rule of thumb is to go to a site that a lot of people buy from, that has a good after sales service and is well stocked. If a site says ‘out of stock’ too often, you probably want to go elsewhere.

If You Have Tons of Patience You Can Save Tons Of Money

More often than not, the internet is about time and patience. If you have the time, you can dig deep and get yourself some serious discounts. There are coupons hiding in many corners of the web, so if you look well, you’ll get to them.

We’ve all seen the TLC show Extreme Couponing. Forget binders full of coupons—with bargain sites, you can easily become the online version of those amazing discount shoppers.

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