Choosing Automatic Garage Roller Doors: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Buying an automatic roller garage door is a long-term investment. Hence, replacing or adding an automatic roller garage door takes more planning than just heading over to the homemaker centre. There are numerous things to consider when choosing the largest moving object in one’s home. The garage door should accentuate one’s home and lifestyle, providing benefits that are worth the purchase. Read on some of the important points that need to be considered in choosing an automatic roller garage door.

Power Consumption

Most modern automatic roller garage doors feature a fairly efficient DC motor. The amount of power that is consumed every time the door is in use is minimal as it only runs for at least 15 seconds. Yet, the most important aspect here is the amount of power that the unit consumes while on a standby mode. Choose a roller garage door that features the enhanced efficiency of a toroid-type transformer as it offers a considerable amount of savings in the running costs.

Motor Power

Choose a roller garage door that has a motor power that is capable of lifting more weight than what is required to roll or move the door. It is important that the machine is properly balanced and constantly working beyond the limits of its capabilities. Generally, a motor rated at 45kg. pulling force is suitable for a 8’ wide roller garage door. For larger garage doors, it is recommended to use a unit with a 60kg. pulling force.

Soft Stop/Soft Start

The soft start and soft stop features were initially developed to lessen the stress and the drive mechanism of the roller garage door. These features accelerate the machine to its full speed in a gentle and controlled manner can help improve the unit’s reliability. These features are not only beneficial on heavy doors, but also provide added luxury of gentle and very quiet closure. Regardless of the roller garage door size, these features are especially important on garages where the family members sleep above.


Safety is one aspect of great importance in choosing an automatic roller garage door. Choose a unit that comes with an effective safety stop and self-learning system, enabling the unit to work automatically with the precise operating characteristics of the garage door and immediately stops the motor whenever an obstruction is detected. This feature ensures the highest level of safety for all the family members and pets.

Maintenance and Guarantee

Choose a totally maintenance-free roller garage door. Look for units that come with self-adjusting drive tension system as it helps eliminate the need to call for a costly service. Also, look for a unit that comes with a 1-5 years guarantee.

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