Appliance Gift

If you somehow missed that day in Husband/Boyfriend/Partner 101 and you insist on going ahead with a practical, yet unromantic gift, here are some suggestions.  Just remember when you’re shopping to choose an appliance with features you can operate, because you may be fending for yourself.

If this is the path you must take, consider these gift options.

Coffee Maker

It’s not always practical or economical to rush to the local high-priced coffee shop.  Most of the time, coffee is best when it’s made at home.  Things to consider when selecting a coffee maker:

The price ranges from reasonable to as much as you want to spend for features and convenience.  You can choose the drip coffee maker that makes a whole pot. Or you can check out a single serve coffee maker.  Those tend to be higher in price and a little pricier to operate since you have to keep buying the individual servings.

Is the recipient of your gift a true coffee connoisseur? Does she insist on only the best in coffee beans that she grinds herself?  Or is she more concerned about a quick fix of caffeine and perfectly content with convenience store coffee?  Are you buying a coffee maker for one?  Or for a family?  These are all questions you need to ask before making your purchase.

There are always the extra features to consider.  You can get a coffee machine with a built-in timer that brews the pot before the alarm goes off.  An automatic shut-off feature is a must as it prevents the coffee from burning if left on the plate too long and is an added feature if there’s a tendency to head out the door in the morning without turning off the coffee maker.

Higher end models will include a removable water tank, variable brew settings and perhaps a flat brew basket that is designed to maximize the flavor.


A blender is a good choice for someone who enjoys fruity cocktails in the summer, or who likes to make her own fruit smoothies in the mornings.  Blenders also come with a variety of features.

Things you need to consider in purchasing a blender is how much power and durability will be needed?  Will the blender be used for making lots of thick soups?  Or will it more likely be reserved for the occasional daiquiri or margarita?  Larger blenders obviously have more power options, but they also take up more space.

You’ll spend more money for a blender with a glass carafe, but it may be worth it when compared to models with plastic.  Varying speed options will allow your gift recipient to blend and pulverize quickly.  But again, you need to consider what she’ll be using the blender for.  A high powered blender with all the bells and whistles may be impressive, but it’s a waste of money if she only intends to blend her morning yogurt and fruit.


Every kitchen needs a toaster.  If you buy this for her, it could come in handy making your own breakfast if she really wanted those pearl earrings.

Toasters come in varying sizes, typically offering the option to toast 2-4 slices of bread or toaster pastries.   If she likes bagels, look for the model with the wider slots.  For frozen toaster pastries, some models even include a defrost feature.

A small appliance may indeed be just the gift she’s looking for.  She may even tell you that. But choose wisely.  And while you’re at it, a little trip by the jewelry or cosmetic counter still might be a good idea.