Between the Indian ocean and the south east China on the southern tip of the Malay peninsula the country of Singapore is located in the south eastern part of Asia. In generic terms Singapore is  positioned  between the countries of Indonesia as well as Malaysia. Because of the strategic location of the country it has become one of the largest as well as the busiest porst in the world. More than sixty islands comprise the nation and has a combined area of close to 704 square kilometres. It became independent from Malaysia in the year 1595.

Brief history of Indians in Singapore

After the Chinese and Malay populations, the Indians constitute about 9 % of the local population of Singapore. The Indian population in the country is well known for its classification in terms of elite and lower income groups. The influx of the well educated and unskilled immigrants has contributed to income contradictions.

In the decade of the 1990’s the Indian culture became diffused with a broad spectrum of the native Singaporean culture. Prominent Indian personalities have left their mark as leaders in various fields of national interest. The community of Indians is also well represented in diverse areas such as law, education as well as politics.

Lifestyle in Singapore

Ah” Shopping is one of the major pastimes in the country. Perhaps locating a shopping mall is one of the easiest things to do in Singapore. One can buy almost everything from a luxury to a no brand. The city centre along with the Orchard road happens to be the most important shopping hubs in the country.

One of the prime advantages of shopping in the country is that because the VAT is only 7 % which makes the goods pretty affordable. Traditionally electronic goods are on the cheaper side in the country.

Cost of living

Cost of living

The cost of all the basic necessities of life in Singapore tend to be moderate. The key is even if one does not have an extensive coverage they will find a budget to suit their requirements. A glance at the cost of living of the basic necessities of life is depicted below

  • The cost of accommodation tends to depends upon the style of living and close proximity to strategic locations. A paying guest accommodation is available for $ 800 whereas a three bedroom consortium may cost roughly around $ 7000
  • If one combines the public transport as well as the MRT( Mass Rapid Transit) it comes to around $ 150
  • The utility expenses in terms of your  household items tend to be in the region of $ 200 to $ 600 depending upon your usage
  • In terms of children’s education the government as well the private school education is pretty good in the country. The cost ranges in the bracket $ 1000 to $ 3000.

Acclimatization issues

In terms of geographical locations, the island lies less than two degrees of the equator the climate can be described as hot and humid with a combination of two seasons. Indians who arrive in Singapore find quiet difficult to acclimatize to the summer (hot and moist) and winter (wet and warm) Temperatures at night tend to be from the low twenties to high thirties during the day time. People who are new to this place tend to perspire a lot.

Social and tourism landmarks in Singapore

Tourism happens to be one of the major revenue spinners of the Singaporean economy. The cultural diversity of the country has a huge influence in the inflow of tourists. Some of the major tourist attractions in the country are

  • Singapore Botanical  Gardens- In terms of acres it is as large as 52 acres and is the breeding ground for close to 3000 types of orchids
  • The Singapore Zoo and the night safari are a favourite tourist attraction for the Asians and bridges the gap between the nightlife as well the wild animals
  • The tourism board of the country promotes a variety of events for the tourists. Some of the important events are Singapore Arts festival as well as the Singapore Garden Festival

Why Singapore

Singapore is a blend of the east and west. Working in the country tends to be a sort of cosmopolitan experience as there is unity and diversity of culture. The prime reasons for Singapore being the preferred location for millions of Indians are as follows

Political stability and progress- The business environment in the country has won accolades. According to the World bank’s doing business report Singapore happens to be the easiest place in the world to do business. Along with it is a perfect place to make a career for oneself

Quality of life- The education and health care systems in the country are of the highest standards coupled with the lower rates of crimes. In the year 1992, the government of the country has put in a Green plan to make the environment clean as well as green.