Who doesn’t want to save some money these days? When the recession hit, Americans started looking for ways to save their hard earned cash, and couponing seemed to be one of the best solutions. Even though coupons have been around for years, people have recently started paying more attention to their saving power. In 2012 Americans saved $46 billion by couponing. With numbers like that it makes sense why everyone seems to be joining the couponing craze. Even shows like Extreme Couponing glorify the use of coupons.

Another great advantage of couponing is you don’t have to sit around waiting for the Sunday paper anymore. Many coupon deals can be found online and even on Facebook. Many couponers are taking full advantage of these options. In 2012, 92.5 million internet users will use online coupons. In fact, if your looking to go extreme, the internet will be your best friend. Many extreme couponers use various coupon sources to get the best deal. Coupling an internet store coupon with a manufactures coupon can save you some big bucks if you plan accordingly.

If you aren’t an avid couponer, have no fear. This infographic presented by My Mommy Rewards will provide you with enough information to get you started on your couponing adventure.