If you’re thinking about studying to become a paralegal, there’s possibly one thing holding you back: not knowing what to do with your degree. When you hear the word “paralegal,” you generally think of legal assistants, but paralegals can do so much more than that. Check out these other career paths that you can take with a background in law.

1. Real Estate Paralegal

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While most paralegals work in law firms or with government agencies, the law firm environment is not for everyone. As a paralegal, you have the option to work in real estate, where you will be responsible for advising clients throughout their real estate transactions and by drafting and reviewing legal documents.

2. Corrections Officer

If you’re interested in using your law degree to work in a prison, then an associates in paralegal studies is perfect. As a corrections officer, you will work with individuals awaiting trial or with prison inmates to promote and ensure proper behavior. Similar career options include becoming a parole or probation officer.

3. Court Clerk

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If you’re searching for a career where you can immerse yourself in law but don’t have to assist a lawyer, then you may choose to become a court clerk. As a court clerk, you are in charge of organizing court procedures by determining the court schedule and explaining the legal process to those involved. You may also be involved in the legal procedures within the courtroom as well as frequently review legal documents for accuracy.

4. Federal Judge’s Personal Assistant

If you’re really looking for an interesting job, then step away from being a regular assistant and dream big. With a paralegal degree, you can become the personal assistant of a federal judge or any other law official.

5. Tax Preparer

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With a paralegal degree, you will have a firm background in law, which makes you a prime candidate for a career in tax preparation. Although you will be dealing with finance, tax preparation also requires a strong knowledge in tax laws, which gives you an advantage in the field. If you’re interested in finance, similar career paths include becoming a billing professional or a mortgage processor.

6. Celebrity Advisor

If these ideas aren’t exciting enough, then you might choose to become a celebrity legal advisor. Many celebrities hire a personal legal advisor to aid in their finances and legal cases; so if you’re looking for an exciting position, consider working your way toward assisting celebrities with their legal issues by offering advice and filing paperwork.

7. Technical Writer

The skills that you learn in your paralegal training will give you the resources you need to become a technical writer. As a technical writer, you can work for any number of companies preparing documents and technical papers. Similar careers include grant writing or editing for a legal publisher.

It’s clear that there are numerous career paths that one can take with a paralegal degree, but don’t let this list limit you; there are countless other career options for individuals pursuing a degree in paralegal studies.