Moving is a difficult experience since it involves a lot of hard work. Unless you approach the relocation properly, you will not be able to choose the right moving company. To approach your relocation, you have to first understand the type of move that you will be making and the type of mover that you will require. Read on to know more above the various types of moves and types of movers required for each move type.

1. Local Move – When your move is local, it means that you are not relocating outside the state. Also, another condition that defines a local move is the distance. For most movers, a local move is within 50 to 100 miles. For this you will need a man with a van London mover. The rates charges will be calculated as below –

Number of Men x Number of hours taken to complete the move

2. Long-Distance Move – If your destination is within the state but exceeds the set distance as mentioned in local move, then your move is long distance. Now, you have to determine the type of long-distance move that you will be making-

a) Full Service Move – In this type of move, you do not have to do anything. The workers will do all the work from packing, loading, delivering your goods to their final destination, unloading and unpacking them again.

b) Self-Service Move – In this type of move, the moving company will only load the goods, drive them to their destination and unload them. You will be responsible for packing and unpacking them.

3. Interstate Moves – If you are relocating to a new state, then you are making an interstate move. The distance does not matter then. It can be as less as 5 miles or as far as 500 miles. The estimate for the move will depend upon the weight of your belongings and on self service or full service move.

4. International Move – As the name indicates, this type of move is when you are relocating from one country to another. You will have to hire a mover specializing in international moves. The estimate of the move will depend upon the shipment’s volume and the measurement is in cubic meters or cubic feet.

5. Small Move – Any local move that involves moving from one dorm or apartment to another with goods less than 2000 pounds is a small move. For this kind of move, it would be wise to hire a one man with van London service.

When the moving company gives you an estimate for the move, they calculate the total distance, type of move, number of workers needed and the type of transport.