Whether you are remodeling your home for sale right away, or simply to increase the value of your home for resale in the future, the right renovations will make all the difference in your dollars and cents. Home renovations do much more than provide a cosmetic facelift to your property; they offer potential buyers the necessary motivation to select your home over the rest of the inventory in your neighborhood. These five renovation projects offer the greatest value and resale potential for your home.

Exterior Siding

It may not be the most glamorous home renovation, but this upgrade could increase the current value of your home. Siding offers curb appeal and shows potential buyers that this is a well-tended property overall. The addition of siding can improve the energy efficiency of the home as well, which can be a big selling feature over other homes in the neighborhood of a similar size.

Hardwood Flooring

Lovely, classic and elegant, hardwood flooring offers an instant upgrade to the interior appearance of your home. Home renovation experts recommend looking to lighter oak or maple flooring instead of darker tones, which tend to date the home. Stick with real wood when upgrading your flooring, rather than synthetic look-alikes that might wear well but don’t offer the same curb appeal as authentic wood planks.

Kitchen Re-Do

Kitchens are the hub of family activity, so it is no wonder these rooms tend to make or break a home sale. Buyers today are looking for kitchens that are light and airy, open enough for entertaining and filled with contemporary features and conveniences. Consider replacing laminate counters with granite and updating sink hardware for an easy way to modernize the look of your kitchen.


This inexpensive way to refresh your home and give it a whole new look is guaranteed to bring more value than almost any other type of home décor. Warm up a space or give a new look to a room with a simple can of paint and an afternoon of manual labor. When selecting paint colors, you should go for neutral color schemes. Neutral colors offer a versatile background for a wider range of home decor. Avoid bright, trendy colors and faux effects that new buyers may want to change before they move in.


Outdoor living spaces have become just as important as indoor rooms, so make the most of your backyard with a custom deck or patio. These additions go far in helping potential buyers picture themselves living in your home and add a significant value to your outdoor space. Choose stamped concrete or Trex decking materials for a low-maintenance option new home buyers are sure to appreciate.

The renovations you make to your home before you put it on the market can make all the difference in how fast your home sells and the kind of purchase price you receive. In my years of working with homes for sale in the Chicago suburbs, I’ve seen these types of renovations add dollars to the the resale price of homes and also help them to move faster. They don’t have to cost a fortune, but they can make a world of difference in the type of price you ultimately receive for your property.