When adding flowers to your garden, you should consider using indigenous plants as they’ll be more likely to thrive. The top five include:

Mount Morgan Wattle

The flower’s scientific name is Acacia podalyriifolia, and when you plant Mount Morgan Wattle, you’ll have a flower that spreads. Once you plant the flower, be sure to trim them before the seedpod develops as they multiply quickly and can become weedy. The plant grows to about five meters high, and when it blooms, your landscaping will be full of bright yellow flowers.

Native Fuchsias

If you have a smaller garden space, then you’ll want to plant Fuchsias. You’ll find several varieties of Fuchsias including the Redex, which will attract birds to your garden. The flower’s scientific name is Correas, and you’ll need to plant them in soil with plenty of drainage and sporadic sunlight. You can grow them in a pot and place your Fuchsias on a deck or balcony. Be sure to fertilize your flowers during the spring, and if you trim them when the warm months arrive, then a vibrant garden will arrive the next year.

Cotton Bush

A garden space that features rock sections will benefit from the addition of Cotton Bush. The plant’s scientific name is Cryptandra Scortechini, and you can add it to sunny areas of your garden. The plant will accept cold weather conditions such as frost, and you’ll need to make sure it has proper drainage. The bush requires heavy trimming during the winter and light pruning in the spring. When the bush blooms, it will initially display dark orange flowers, which will change into white flowers just before winter.


With the nickname “Giant Candles,” you’ll love the striking colour that Banksia will add to your garden. You’ll need to plant the flowers in soil with good drainage, but the durable plants will withstand harsh conditions. You should plan on building up your flowerbed if your drainage is lacking. Another option is to plant a Swamp Banksia, which will do well in soil that holds water.


You’ll find numerous flower choices when you select Grevillea for your garden. In fact, the plant features a variety of species and hybrids. You have colour choices that include orange, red and peach. It is a native plant, and its size ranges from small bushes that are 0.5 meters tall to trees that reach 35 meters. When you prune the flowers during the spring, they will continue to produce blooms.

By gradually filling in your garden area, you’ll create outdoor landscaping that you’ll enjoy year round.

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