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Being a digital nomad has a lot of upsides. You can enjoy great views while working, get to know new locations and cultures, and take the best breaks ever as you can plan some fun activities to do in between meetings or once you have finished with your scheduled work time.

However, being on the road is not necessarily easy, especially if this is the first time you will be working apart from your fully equipped home office.

In this article, we share 5 tips that can make your life easier if you are planning to become a digital nomad.

#1 – Learn from Other Nomad’s Experiences

Nowadays, there are several online communities for nomads to interact and exchange thoughts, experiences, and ideas that can help you in moving faster through the learning curve of this lifestyle.

You can avoid some uncomfortable situations and even save money by learning from these typically more experienced folks and you can also share your own take later on to help others.

In addition, it might be possible to arrange a meet-up with some colleague nomads who could be staying near where you are. This is especially helpful if you are traveling overseas by yourself as there are times when you will feel a bit lonely or just bored.

#2 – Draft a Plan for Your Off-Work Time

If you are planning to go full-on nomad only for a limited time – say a month or a few weeks – it is important that you make the most out of this experience and that can only be achieved if you plan your off-work activities before the trip begins.

You probably don’t want to miss some of the best locations and views within the country or city you will be visiting. Hence, you can schedule where you will be working from every day and include the most interesting and beautiful locations throughout the journey.

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One day, you may find yourself working from a café in the downtown area and the other at a nice venue located on the outskirts of the place. In addition, you can use the help of either local or travel agents to make a list of the places you can visit so you can make the most out of your free time.

#3 – Saving Money on Lodging, Airplane Tickets, and Food

The lifestyle of a travel nomad is not necessarily luxurious. The goal of this work arrangement is to travel around while working – a possibility that was not on the table a couple of decades ago as in-office work was the norm.

Hence, saving money is typically a priority, especially if you are traveling to locations that are not necessarily the cheapest.

To save money on lodging, nomads can opt to stay in hostels or cheap Airbnbs. Meanwhile, if you are traveling with a friend, you can save even more as you will be able to rent a single location and spread the cost between the two of you.

Meanwhile, if you want to save on airplane tickets, your dates will have to be flexible. The reason for this is that you will be able to shop around and select the days that offer the lowest fares.

Finally, when it comes to food, saving money is easy. First, if the place in which you are staying has a kitchen, you can opt to cook at least one of the meals you will be having per day. In addition, you can look for promotions at nearby cafes that may offer breakfast and brunch specials.

#4 – Be Prepared for Possible Contingencies

Depending on where you are going, the internet service and electricity may not necessarily work as well as you initially expected. For this reason, nomads have to be prepared to adjust their work arrangements to respond to these conditions.

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To make sure you always have a backup connection, you can buy a 4G hotspot alongside a data plan with a local telecom company. In case the internet fails where you are, you can rely on this device to stay connected.

Meanwhile, it is also a good idea to pack a laptop power bank in case power goes out for a few hours. These devices usually allow you to charge your computer one to two times and they are highly portable.

#5 – Pack Light and Have Room for Last-Minute Apparel Purchases

Packing light is a must for nomads considering that you will probably be moving from one place to other in a relatively short period. Carrying around multiple suitcases can be uncomfortable and may make your experience a bit tiresome.

Another reason to pack light is that you should have some space in your luggage in case you have to buy some pieces of clothing at the last minute due to unexpected changes in the weather or to attend an event that requires you to wear something you just don’t have with you at the moment.

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