After graduation, I plan on moving and it can be hard when trying to choose a city to live in. There are so many exciting places to go, but finding a place that’s affordable, fun and has everything within walking distance are some top priorities. The choices are overwhelming but these are just some that I felt that seemed the most affordable and most exciting.

1. Austin, TX: If you’re looking to move someplace warm with plenty of job opportunities, this is the place to go. It gets an average of 300 days of sunshine, they also have more than 100 music venues and with the average one bedroom apartment being $777 you can go out and enjoy everything the city has to offer. Along with being warm, the city has the most healthiest eaters and ranks 5th for the most gyms in the US

2. Boston, MA: Although the Boston winter can be brutal, it has one of the most efficient public transportation systems, a must for someone living in the city. With more than 100 colleges there are large majorities of people who are in there 20’s, and an added bonus is that the salaries are 34% higher then the nations average. An added bonus is that they are ranked 5th as the greenest city in the US

3. Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia is the 5th largest city, but it’s really a college town at heart with over 85 colleges and 7 schools of medicine.  If you live in Center City (downtown) you can get anywhere you need, after all, Philly ranked number 5 for the most walk able neighborhoods. The best part about Philly? The shore, the Pocono Mountains, NYC and DC are all less than 2 hours away by train or bus

4. Boulder, CO: If you love the outdoors, Boulder is another city where it has more than 300 days of sunshine with areas for biking, skiing and rock climbing. This city is ranked number 2 for the most people who bike to work (it’s a very bike friendly city), and they also have the highest percentage of people who walk to work, or carpool to work. This is also another city where there are many job opportunities due to the amount of start up businesses

These 4 cities stuck out to me when I was searching for places to live, but there are many other cities that offer the same great benefits as these ones. What are some great cities that you would want to move to?