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No-Shave November, also called Movember, was started to “grow” cancer awareness via a swarm of majestic mustaches and burly beards. The idea is to not shave your facial hair for the entire month, and, in the best-case scenario, donate to a noble cause.

To provide some added motivation for the month’s festivities, PrettyFamous put together a comprehensive list of facial hair stylings connected with a famous (or perhaps infamous) counterpart. Some looks are truly outlandish, but others might add some flair to our clean-shaven brethren.

#26. Toothbrush

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Though the toothbrush mustache is connected to iconic comic actor Charlie Chaplin, who rose to prominence during the silent film era, it’s more commonly tied to a more nefarious public figure: Adolf Hitler.

Unless you want to remind people of one of the world’s most infamous politicians, we’d recommend a different look. With that being said, Michael Jordan — seen by many as the best basketball player of all time — embraced the “Hitler ‘stache” for a while and even had it gracing his upper lip in some Hanes commercials.

#25. Balbo

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Described as a beard broken off into two or three different sections, the “Balbo” includes a tailored mustache, soul patch and chin beard. Though the look can vary, one celebrity comparison would be Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the Ironman movies.

#24. Copstache Standard

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A stereotypical staple among law enforcement officers, the standard “copstache” was perhaps solidified by comic actor Thomas Lennon. Comedy Central fans will no doubt connect the mustache to Lennon’s role as Lieutenant James “Jim” Ronald Dangle in the law enforcement parody show, Reno 911!

#23. Sparrow

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A combination of a mustache, soul patch and braided goatee is what makes up the look championed by Pirates of the Carribean’s Captain Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp). We wouldn’t recommend this one now that Halloween is in the rearview mirror.

#22. Dali

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It will take you a lot longer than one month of no-shave November to pull of this mustache. The look is one of the most eccentric among facial hair stylings, made famous by none other than the namesake painter Salvador Dali and fictitious Disney pirate Captain Hook.

#21. A La Souvarov

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An odd combination of sideburns connecting into a mustache, the “A La Souvarov” is a rare breed of facial hair. So named after a Russian General, this eccentric mustache is meant to be connected to upward-curving sideburns.

#20. Hollywoodian

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True “Hollywoodian” facial hair is a bit odd when done right. It’s essentially a full beard that should be cleaned up at the corners of the mouth and not connect with the person’s sideburns. Though actor Leonardo DiCaprio can pull it off, you’re more likely to wind up looking like this trauma-inducing template via Wahl.

#19. Imperial

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Unless you’re gunning to compete in a mustache championship, this look may prove too much of a commitment.

#18. Pencil

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Want to look like the creepy butler in any murder mystery set inside a spooky mansion? Then this is the look you should champion this November. Director, screenwriter, author and actor John Waters (pictured) certainly hasn’t shied away from the pencil ‘stache as his go-to style.

#17. Friendly Mutton Chops

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A style made famous by American soldier and politician (among other titles) Ambrose Burnside, this structure of bristling facial fur includes hefty mutton chops connected to a hearty mustache. A more modern-day example is Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

#16. Van Dyke

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A facial hair combo that actor Pierce Brosnan has sported in the past, the Van Dyke combines a thick mustache with your typical goatee.

#15. The Zappa

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So named for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Frank Zappa, “The Zappa” is a full mustache falling short of a Fu Manchu, but also including a stout soul patch.

#14. Horseshoe

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A facial hair style that seems to permeate the biker gang crowd, the horseshoe mustache is perhaps best associated with disgraced wrestler Hulk Hogan (AKA Terry Bollea). The longtime WWE staple had his contract with the company terminated after audio tapes of secretly recorded racist rants were released to the public.

#13. Fu Manchu

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Different from the horseshoe style, the Fu Manchu is a mustache that extends down off the chin of the wearer. Actor Ken Watanabe’s character in the movie “Batman Begins” sports a wonderful white Fu Manchu.

#12. The Winnfield

William Tung/flickr

Fans of the Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction” will no doubt recognize “The Winnfield,” so named for Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules Winnfield in the movie. It’s a tough look to pull off, but Jackson did so with aplomb (as did this fan pictured at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con).

#11. Painter’s Brush

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A more standard look compared to others on the list, the Painter’s Brush is a mustache that covers the width of the mouth, usually worn short, with rounded corners. Brad Pitt’s mustache is a good example.

#10. Pyramid

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The Pyramid mustache is, no surprise, fashioned from a wide base that tapers into a pointed top just under the nose. It’s a ‘stache renowned actor George Clooney has made look much more intriguing than it perhaps actually is on mere mortals.

#9. The Box Car

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Legendary comedian Groucho Marx is best connected with the exaggerated “Box Car” mustache, which he wore a fake version of during his years performing in vaudeville. As for the real thing, it was a popular look among homeless people in the 1920s and during the Great Depression, as it was quick, cheap shave at the barbershop.

#8. The Walrus

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This style of mustache enjoyed vast popularity during the latter part of the 19th century, but has since fallen out of favor. Actor Nick Offerman’s majestic thicket of facial hair fits the bill here. Of course, it’s fair to assume the majority of men aren’t able to make this look happen in a single month.

#7. Hulihee

John Lyman Lovell/Wikimedia Commons

In the same vein as the Ambrose Burnside look, the Hulihee is somewhat different in the sense that the mutton chops are meant to be extremely pronounced like wings on either side of the face, while still connecting to the mustache.

#6. The Trucker

Chris Radcliff/flickr

Although it may be difficult to distinguish from the horseshoe style of mustache, “The Trucker” is associated more with a wilder, longer type of ‘stache. The closest comparison would be Lawrence from the movie “Office Space,” played by actor Diedrich Bader.

#5. Pancho Villa

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Made famous by Mexican revolutionary general Pancho Villa, the mustache named after the prominent historical figure is essentially a thicker, more machismo version of the Fu Manchu.

#4. The Natural

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

No fancy names nor fancy execution here. This is just your classic, run-of-the-mill mustache. Actor James Franco has been known to embrace this ‘stache from time to time.

#3. English

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

An English mustache is defined by having a thicket of hair above the lip that gets tapered on either side into upturned points. A very classy option to sport while sipping a scotch on the rocks.

#2. Handlebar

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Occasionally confused with the Horse Shoe style, the Handlebar is meant to curve out on either side of the face. Bonus points if you’re able to get the curlicues on point just like Hall of Fame pitcher Rollie Fingers.

#1. Chevron

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A look perfected by Tom Selleck, Mark Spitz and Freddie Mercury, the Chevron is another classic in the realm of facial hair. Groomed to be thick and wide, Ron Burgundy certainly approves of the style. You stay classy this Movember.

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