The crypto market exists in a high-risk environment, making risk management an essential component of long-term investment strategies.

The highly volatile market and lack of regulation make it challenging for investors to manage their investments effectively. This is why Libertify offers a crypto risk management platform to help investors mitigate these risks while achieving their investment goals.

This Libertify review will discuss how you can trade like a Wall Street pro-investor using the platform’s features and tools with zero costs. We’ll also see why risk management is crucial when investing in cryptocurrency.

What is Libertify?

Investors face many challenges when buying cryptocurrencies and managing their volatility. The unpredictable nature of the market can lead to sudden price swings and make it difficult to predict long-term capital growth.

Effective risk management strategies are vital to navigating this complex market. Libertify is a powerful, automated investment platform that helps you easily navigate the crypto world’s volatility.

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The platform ensures you can confidently invest in Bitcoin, ETH and 100’s of others to build long-term wealth by minimizing your risk exposure. It’s offering is personalized, simple to use and available to all regardless of investment amount.

Libertify’s risk management app adds a layer of risk management to your crypto investment by limiting your exposure to the market’s volatility.

How does it work?

Libertify’s app monitors the market, detects trend reversals, and dynamically reallocates your funds between your cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. This disciplined readjustment between volatile and non-volatile assets minimize your risk exposure in declines and increases your exposure in the rebounds.

The allocation between different cryptocurrencies is based on your risk tolerance and market activity, ensuring that your investment positions always align with your unique needs. And unlike other generic investment platforms, Libertify considers your personal risk tolerance and market activity when allocating your funds.

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Libertify also helps you limit losses, adjust risks, and build long-term capital growth. The app’s daily monitoring and comparison to traditional buy-and-hold strategies mean you can feel confident that you’re getting the best possible returns for your investment.

Moreover, Libertify’s user-friendly interface means you don’t need to be an expert in cryptocurrency investment to start seeing results.

In this Libertify review, you’ll see how the platform makes it easy to manage your portfolio and stay ahead of the volatility, making it one of the best crypto apps out there.

Why Every Crypto Investor Needs the Crypto Seatbelt

Just like how we use seat belts to protect ourselves from unpredictable events while driving, the crypto seatbelt protects your investments from the unpredictability of the crypto market. Even the best cryptocurrencies are susceptible to and exposed to a vast downside.

Libertify’s founder, Steve Rosenblum, understands firsthand how crypto bear markets and high expectations can destroy people’s wealth and lives.

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That’s why the platform has created the crypto seatbelt to provide a safe environment for your investments and protect you from market volatility.

The platform’s solution acts as a dynamic cash reserve, automatically converting a portion of your holdings or tokens into non-volatile stablecoins during periods of high volatility.

With Libertify’s “crypto seat belt” you can navigate the crypto market’s turbulent waters with relatively more confidence. Users can also refer to Steve’s blog on the crypto seatbelt to learn more about this feature.

Libertify Features & Tools

While looking to buy Bitcoin or any altcoin, you may have heard the term ‘Buy and Hold.’ Libertify believes that the traditional ‘Buy-and-Hold’ strategy can be improved.

That’s why they’ve developed a Smart Dynamic Buy-and-Hold approach to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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The platform seeks to reshape the financial services market by offering a more reliable alternative to traditional investment strategies. Their focus on reduced volatility has enhanced their financial service offerings, giving users a better experience and more options.

The platform deploys a simple step-wise approach to effectively identify and manage risk as per your tolerance. In doing so, it offers various tools and features that simplify the risk management process for its users.

Risk Profile Identification

Have you ever wondered what your personal risk profile is when investing? Libertify has made discovering your unique risk tolerance score easy by uncovering your animal twin from over 100 unique sub-profiles.

By taking Libertify’s free risk profiling quiz, you can uncover your unique risk tolerance score, providing valuable insights to build your investment strategy.

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The app lets you discover your fit from the following animal twins and understand your risk profile:

  • Meerkat – For Meerkats, building wealth is like constructing a house – it takes precision, patience, and a solid foundation. Meerkats know that steady gains beat risky gambles and focus on securing long-term prosperity.
  • Beaver – If you’re a Beaver at heart, you understand that creating something worthwhile involves risk-taking. But without careful planning and long-term vision, it could all come crashing down. Beavers know how to balance calculated risks with a cautious approach.
  • Tiger – Tigers, on the other hand, thrive on risk. Every day presents new opportunities to pursue big wins; they’re not afraid to take chances. Hunting for survival is in their blood.
  • Shark – Hunger and ambition drive Sharks to bet big and jump on opportunities others might miss. They know that missing out is worse than losing and that the biggest rewards come to those willing to take risks.

Adaptive Risk Scoring: Understanding the Psychology of Crypto Trading

Libertify understands that every trader has different risk preferences. That’s why they offer a range of risk management tools and features that cater to their users’ unique needs. They deploy the principles of behavioral science to guide this approach.

Humans are prone to cognitive biases that can cause us to make emotional or fear-based decisions. This can lead to irrational choices, even for experienced investors.

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The platform’s risk-scoring engine aims to better understand users by analyzing various factors, including their portfolio content, past trades, token characteristics, market context, and sentiment.

Your risk score constantly evolves based on your actions on Libertify, and the neural network generates the score changes.

The financial algorithm then uses this score to determine the ideal position size for each of your assets on a daily basis. Whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach to trading, the risk management tools allow you to tailor your experience to your unique needs.

Libertify uses a sophisticated mathematical model called clustering to group investors with similar risk profiles based on specific characteristics and factors.

By identifying patterns in risk behaviors, the platform can refine and enhance the accuracy of the risk scores. This gives them a more comprehensive understanding of your overall risk profile, helping you make informed investment decisions.

Integration with Exchanges and Wallets

Having a clear view of your assets is critical for effective risk management. With multiple integrations with the best crypto exchanges, users can connect to various platforms and get a comprehensive view of their holdings in real time.

Moreover, these integrations enable you to move your assets quickly and easily between different platforms. This gives you greater flexibility and control over your investments, so you can react promptly to changing market conditions.

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To start your journey in smartly managing risk, all you need to do is connect an exchange or wallet with the Libertify platform.

You can easily connect to over six of the best altcoin exchanges and 100 wallets, giving you access to a wide range of digital assets. Whether you want to trade, store, or transfer crypto, connecting to multiple exchanges and wallets offers greater flexibility and convenience.

Customized Investment Advice

Libertify provides personalized investment advice that’s tailored to your risk level.

You can rest easy knowing that these recommendations are risk-adjusted and immediately actionable so that you can confidently take control of your finances.

The risk-management app understands your unique needs and creates a plan that works for you. With this approach, investors can get more personalized, risk-adjusted investment advice.

Data Reporting

Reporting is more than just crunching numbers. It’s about using those numbers to tell a compelling story that helps investors make smart choices with their money. The platform offers the following tools to display vital data effectively;

Financial Dashboards: Libertify has created a bunch of financial dashboards that make it super easy to track your investment performance. You can track your account balances, see how individual stocks perform or get an overview of your entire investment strategy.

Insights and Stories: The platform has compiled a series of insightful stories that give you a deeper understanding of the financial markets.

These stories cover various topics, from short-term trends to long-term analysis, sentiment analysis, coin supply, and trading volumes.

Profit/Loss: Libertify is the only platform to calculate your realized profit or loss using dynamic NAV (Net Asset Value) calculation.

What does that mean? It means that Libertify can give you an accurate real-time calculation of the net value of your investment portfolio, taking into account any profits or losses you’ve already realized.

AI Personal Digital Banker

With the platform’s AI-based digital banking, investors can meet with their banker anytime, anywhere, through various channels such as chat, phone, augmented reality, or even in the metaverse.

The great thing about conversational AI banking is that investors can ask any questions at any time.

The banker will use advanced technology to dynamically tailor its answers to fit the investor’s unique situation, including their risk profile, long-term investment horizon, performance history, and past interactions.

This ‘conversation banker’ is revolutionizing how investors manage their finances. By providing personalized and easily accessible advice, investors can make informed decisions.

Mastering Market Volatility: Libertify’s Winning Strategy

Libertify empowers individuals to achieve financial independence without exposing them to unnecessary risks.

Their solution combines the power of AI technology to eliminate biases with a simple yet revolutionary safety net that protects any tokenized asset, enabling them to outperform the traditional buy-and-hold strategy.

Libertify leverages the power of natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and process massive amounts of unstructured market data quickly and accurately. Using this cutting-edge technology, they can provide investors with concise and comprehensive advice cards in seconds.

Additionally, the risk-management platform offers manual and autopilot modes, providing options for those who want to retain complete control over each action and those who prefer a more hands-off approach.

With the autopilot mode, investors can delegate the execution to the platform’s digital private banker for a seamless experience.

Why is Crypto Risk Management Important?

Let’s see why performance-driven risk adjustment is crucial for long-term investors in the crypto market.

Opportunities and Threats

The crypto market is still relatively unregulated and unguarded, making it vulnerable to various risks.

The higher the risk, the higher the loss rate, making mitigating risks in the crypto market crucial.

For example, if an investor had purchased assets in 1929 at the peak before the crash, it would have taken at least 20 years to recover their money.

Although we have advanced technology to earn returns and control finances today, investors still prefer the traditional buy-and-hold strategy. This is why performance-driven risk adjustment matters more than ever before.


Regardless of the best meme coins or the relatively utility-focused cryptos, volatility is inevitable.

Volatility in the crypto market has increased due to the proliferation of retail crypto users in recent years. This has led to market crashes due to panic selling.

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Meanwhile, large financial institutions treat cryptocurrency more or less as stock and apply traditional investing practices that value stability over profit. As a result, it is difficult for investors to predict market movements accurately.

By using a performance-driven risk adjustment strategy, it is possible to achieve stable returns while reducing risk.

A good illustration of this is Libertify’s Shark risk profile, which generated an over 69% return over the long term despite the bear market, while those who chose to buy and hold saw their portfolio value drop by 14.7%.

Moreover, Steve has also discussed in his blog how Libertify could’ve helped investors avert the volatility that caused the portfolio-damaging consequences due to the Terra crash.

Optimism Bias

Buy-and-hold investors often suffer from optimism bias, thinking of themselves as disciplined and invincible.

However, they may not be able to withstand volatility, big banks, whales, and uncertainty, leading to panic-selling at a loss. Performance-driven risk adjustment strategies can help investors avoid making emotional decisions or getting played by big players.

Tackling Risks with Performance-Driven Risk Adjustment

Performance-driven risk adjustment is a strategy that helps investors extract value from volatility by minimizing risks to deliver stable returns over a long period. Depending on the investor’s preference, these strategies can be manual or automated.

However, everyone’s risk tolerance varies, and many aspiring investors follow the crowd, which is a common mistake. Understanding the investor’s interests and objectives is crucial to offer tailored performance-driven risk adjustment strategies.

For example, some investors want to earn enough to retire, while others aim to make it big. Some are risk-takers, while others are risk-averse. These behavioral traits provide insights into how best investors should approach the crypto market.

Libertify Security Measures

Libertify’s security measures are a top priority for the platform to ensure that all customer data is confidential.

They have implemented multiple measures to protect customer information, including application security, cloud security, and organizational security measures.

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Their application security measures involve third-party audits and regular penetration tests to identify potential vulnerabilities and reduce risks. This helps to ensure that customer information is processed correctly, kept confidential, and remains available whenever needed.

Libertify also utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting their services, which provides high dependability, scalability, and availability. AWS’s data centers and compliance programs ensure that customer information is secure, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized access.

Lastly, the company has strict organizational security measures in place. All employees and contractors have undergone extensive security, and privacy protection training, passed background screenings, and agreed to confidentiality terms. These measures ensure that everyone handling customer information understands the importance of keeping it confidential.

How to Start Using Libertify

The section below briefly discusses how you can start your crypto risk management journey with Libertify.

  • Step 1: To start, you can visit the Libertify website & click on either the “Connect with email” or “Connect with a Wallet” option. If you have an account with an exchange – you can choose to connect by email. Alternatively, if you wish to integrate crypto directly from your MetaMask or Trust wallet, you can choose the latter option. Libertify supports integration with the best trading platforms out there.

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  • Step 2: You can enter the requested details, like your name and phone number, and then click on the “Create account” button.

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  • Step 3: Now, you can agree to the terms and conditions after reviewing them.
  • Step 4: Immediately after, you must confirm your email by entering the verification code.
  • Step 5: Select the exchange or wallet you wish to integrate with Libertify. The platform is yet to support integrations with top DeFi exchanges but supports DeFi wallets.

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  • Step 6: Once you have selected the exchange, you must provide the API and secret keys from your exchange’s API settings and enter them on the portal.

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  • Step 7: Now, you can select a manual or automatic mode to manage your risk on Libertify. Once you finish these steps, you can build your investment profile by taking a risk assessment quiz.


In this article, we saw how Libertify factors in human psychology, market volatility, and the discipline needed to outperform the ‘Buy & Hold’ strategy over time.

We also understood how to protect ourselves from market uncertainty using a crypto seatbelt. With a mission to improve your portfolio’s risk-adjusted performance, Libertify offers a simple solution to manage crypto risk. So follow the link below to get started with Libertify today.


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