Forex Fury is an automated trading platform that offers its clients an alternative method of trading Forex pairs, both in the short and long term. Providing a unique algorithm that can scan the markets and identify profitable trading setups automatically, Forex Fury minimizes the effort of regularly researching and tracking the FX market. 

This Forex Fury review will closely analyze the platform’s main features, pricing structure, winrate, and more.

Forex Fury Summary

The table below summarises some of the features that Forex Fury offers its customers:

🏺 Platform type Forex trading automated bot
🏗 Pricing Structure One-time purchase (2 package options)
™ MetaTrader4 Compatible Yes
💥 Accuracy Rate 93%

Your capital is at risk.

What is Forex Fury?

Forex fury logoForex Fury is advertised as an automated trading expert advisor (EA) that automatically initiates new trades on behalf of its customers.

A top algorithmic trading platform for FX, Forex Fury facilitates the normal research and execution of FX currency trades that a human trader would go through. 

An alternative to normal FX platforms that act as a third-party service connecting investors with tradable assets, Forex Fury does all the work by deploying its own algorithmic software.

Forex fury home

Notably, the platform states it has a trading accuracy of 93% – which would rank it among the best automated trading software tools on the market. Many recent trade setups are audited by a third party – Myfxbook – and links to that past performance data are provided on the homepage. More in-depth backtesting is reserved for registered users however.

Additionally, Forex Fury complies with the National Futures Association (NFA) and follows the regulations put forward by FIFO. Promoting risk management in forex trades, the platform allows all investors to customize their risk settings. Therefore, traders can choose to invest using low-risk to high-risk strategies by customizing their settings on the Forex Fury dashboard. 

Forex Fury Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of the main advantages and weaknesses of Forex Fury:


  • Automated Trading Algorithm
  • Two Trading Packages
  • Claims to provide high trading accuracy
  • MT4 Compatible
  • NFA Compliant


  • Limited information made public to verify claims
  • Better suited for beginner investors 

Your capital is at risk.

How Does Forex Fury Work?

Through its algorithmic software, Forex Fury aims to generate the best forex signals automatically to open and close new FX positions. The Forex Fury system generates a maximum of 7 trades at a time and ensures that trades are not active for long periods. By using a method that promotes getting in and out of the markets at quick intervals, Forex Fury provides an efficient trading bot. 

This is known as the scalping technique, encouraging small yet frequent gains via day-trading strategies. The Forex Fury algorithm initiates trades on a 15m, 30m and a 1-hour timeframe to execute new trades consistently. 

Forex fury system

Moreover, the Forex Fury system aims to trade and pick up potentially profitable trades during ranging market conditions – referring to a period of regular upwards and downwards momentum in the market. Forex Fury automatically integrates other trading strategies to track real-time markets.

For example, the platform uses the dynamic retrace feature – which updates an order’s stop/loss to minimize the loss by monitoring the latest changes in the market. All these features can be accessed after purchasing a preferred package and customizing the system preferences. 

Forex Fury will look for new positions to open for some of the major FX trading pairs such as : 


The Forex Fury platform has also recently begun offering its services on some less common currency pairs, such as: 


Forex Fury Pricing

Unlike some popular forex trading platforms or FX brokers, Forex Fury charges a standard one-time purchase to access the software as its trading tools are proprietary.

Traders can opt to purchase the gold package – which costs $229.99. This package includes 1 live account license, unlimited demo accounts, installation video guides and high-performance setting options.

Alternatively new signups can opt to buy the Diamond package – which costs $439.99. This package includes all the Gold platform options, along with 2 live account licenses.

Forex Fury Key Features

Our Forex Fury review will now cover some of the main features which can be taken advantage of when using this forex trading bot:

Demo Account

Firstly, FX traders do not have to risk investing with their real funds. With the demo account, Forex Fury offers a platform where traders can access the platform software using virtual currency. After getting a grasp of the platform features and interface, you can decide on whether or not you wish to trade using fiat currency on the standard platform. 

Risk Selection

Many new forex traders are looking for low-risk market entry methods. Forex Fury offers a customizable platform where individual traders can choose their risk preferences, even whilst using an automatic trading algorithm. 

The platform provides three options – low-risk, medium or high-risk automated strategies. After buying a package, investors can choose their preferred risk setting and begin trading various FX currencies. 

Range Filter

Historically, the Forex Fury system trades efficiently in range market conditions – when the asset price constantly moves higher and lower. The trading algorithm has deployed an ADX indicator – which determines when the ranging market conditions appear. 

Range filter

By leveraging this indicator, the software knows exactly when to open new trades, potentially leading to higher returns for investors. 

Walkthrough Videos

After traders purchase a package on Forex Fury, they are provided with an entire guide to take them through the account set-up process. A walkthrough video is provided, which shows investors how to download the Forex Fury software and connect the platform with MT4. 

Thus, even beginners to forex can create their accounts and begin trading in only 5 minutes. 

Ease of Purchase

While most of the top forex trading platforms charge investors monthly, Forex Fury provides a lifetime membership to make use of their services. Comprising of two packages, the Forex Fury price ranges between $229 – $439.99. 

Investors looking to trade long-term are likely to benefit from the competitive pricing that Forex Fury claims to offer. 

Is Forex Fury Legit?

Many forex trading platforms especially forex bots can appear to be scams or untrustworthy to the public. It is important to conduct your own research and analysis before investing any money into any trading platform. 

With Forex Fury, the platform claims to take many steps to ensure the security of the investor. The platform complies with various regulatory bodies and offers unlimited demo accounts. This will allow traders to decide on whether they wish to access the live trading platform. 

Forex fury reviews

Moreover, Forex Fury reviews have an excellent rating of 4.3  on Trustpilot. On other platform features such as the high accuracy being promised, it is challenging to verify these claims without creating an individual account. 

Forex Fury Minimum Deposit 

After making a one-time package payment to purchase the Forex Fury software, investors need to make a minimum live deposit of $100. When purchasing the package, investors are redirected to a page that asks for billing details and the card number. 

Alternatively, payments can be used via PayPal. 

Forex Fury Customer Support

Forex Fury ensures that guidelines are set in place to solve customer queries and issues. The platform provides 24/7 customer support. According to the website, the queries are responded by members within a few hours on business days. 

With the favourable ratings that Forex Fury has received on Trustpilot, it seems that the platform provides a satisfactory service to those on the platform. 

How to Use Forex Fury 

After reading through the Forex Fury review, readers can now decide whether to invest in this forex trading platform. The sections below provide a step-by-step analysis on how to purchase Forex Fury. 

Step 1: Choose a Forex Fury Package

Forex Fury add to cart

Traders can head to the official Forex Fury website to access the two payment packages. Depending on your trading preferences, choose between the Gold or Diamond package. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ to continue. 

Step 2: Buy the Forex Fury Package

Once you click on ‘Add to Cart’, the website will redirect you to the payment page. Investors can enter their card numbers and billing address to gain lifetime access to the Forex Fury package. 

Forex fury payment

Alternatively, investors can also buy the package via PayPal. 

Step 3: Trade on the Demo Account

Before trading with any forex bot, many investors may choose to access the demo account. This feature provides investors with a live trading environment with virtual funds. After navigating the account features, investors can decide on whether to begin trading with their real funds or not. 

Step 4: Begin Trading with Forex Fury 

The final step is to access the live trading account and software that Forex Fury provides. Once you access the account, traders can customize their preferred trading setting and choose between a low-risk-, medium or high-risk trading strategy.

Once the platform is live, the Forex Fury bots will automatically begin looking for trading signals in the FX markets.

The Verdict

This guide has reviewed the Forex Fury trading platform after analyzing the main features, package prices, trading algorithm and minimum deposit.

Forex Fury claims to offer a high accuracy rate when trading FX with its automatic trading robot, although most backtesting and audit data is reserved for registered clients. Traders can analyze and review the platform to get a better understanding of how Forex Fury works after purchasing one of the two available sign up packages.

Your capital is at risk.


What is Forex Fury?

Is Forex Fury legit?

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